Amy (olotiriel) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: bonnet in chocolate, blouse, AATP accessories, socks

Feedback link:

I'm looking for this IW bonnet in chocolate/beige. I'm open to offers of other similar classic bonnets in chocolate colour (with accents in ivory/beige only), but my current budget means I'm looking for something second-hand.

I'm also looking for this Surface Spell blouse in size S, preferably in "white". I could trade the same blouse in M/pink.

And any of the AATP Dance of the Black Cats accessories in BLACK:
e.g. Bag


And I really need some socks! Looking for classic OTKs, open to various colours/designs. Will take tights too!
Happy to take lightly used items, but not dirty, damaged or pilled ones.

Tags: !wtb, alice and the pirates, color:brown, innocent world, item:accessory, item:blouse
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