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DS: Last Mark Down, BTSSB, All Must Go

Everything needs to go. Please read the terms below, as it includes shipping costs. 

I'm leaving for a trip in a few days, and have to clean out my closet before I visit home. 

EGL Feedback
Positive: 46
Neutral: 0
Negative: 0

+ First to leave their Paypal gets the item. Please pay within 12 hours or it will go to the next person.

+ This is my final markdown or listing for these items, prices are firm.

+ I'll say this as nicely as I can. Please don't jerk me around with questions; or ask about an item and drop off the face of the Earth; serious buyers only. 

+ No trades. 

Shipping is not included. I ship from Nagoya, Japan. Shipping rates are as follows:

Dresses/skirts with crinolines attached:
EMS, Priority (~5 days) tracked/insured: $26 (Best value. Small packet is only a few dollars less but does not include tracking, insurance or priority delivery.)

Small items (ie: wig, top, unlined skirt):
EMS, Priority (~5 days) tracked/insured: $20.
Small package, no tracking or insurance: $10

I ship within 2-5 days of funds clearing into my account. Since it is Winter holidays for New year, shipping may be delayed until January 4th or 5th at the latest.  

40% off! Last markdown

Sold! Thank you~ BTSSB Snow Dot Ribbon Jsk in Yellow- $150 $120 $96

Like new. Cute bow shape on the bodice (hence name), satin ribbon corseting in the front and back, daisy embroidered lace, snow dot cotton, fully lined. Detachable ruffle at the neckline. Dotted tulle on the bottom.

90cm length, 85~94cm bust, 74~84cm waist according to Hello Lace (item stock page).


New items!

SOLD- BTSSB School Style Cardigan with Poodles, brown- $50

Bought earlier this year, barely worn since it was always too hot. I tried it on once or twice. Hate to be a broken record but it is practically like new- no missing buttons, pilling, stains, snags, pulled seams or anything.

The heart buttons and scalloped edges are darling.

The sizing is pretty flexible because it stretches. I'd recommend max 30" waist, 38" bust. If you don't want to button it up I'm sure it would fit otherwise, the sleeves are also stretchy. 

FAQ (Because I get a lot of questions lately)

"What is your return policy?"

I don't have one. I've never taken returns, few people on this community do. I explain my items as best as I can. If I say they are like new, then they really are like new, what else can I say? Measurements are provided, most if not all of the items have shirring or are flexible in sizing unless otherwise specifically noted. 

"How much is shipping?"

It is all ready listed above. Things that are not dresses will be considered Small items.

"Can you hold this for me for three months?"

No. My prices are reasonable as is, anything over three weeks is ridiculous, and I need funds for traveling expenses.
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