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DS (and DT): MM, VM, IW and JM!

Feedback here:

Trades according to my wishlist:

You are welcome to offer me similar items and offbrand, indie brand and handmade are all welcome. However I am not interested in replicas. I also can't put any money in between.
Also unless they are on my wishlist they should fit a 88cm bust & 65cm waist.

Unless trades are offered items go to the first person to pay in full and leave paypal address.

Don't leave your paypal unless you are 100% sure you want the item. I will screen your post.

I Ship from Vancouver, BC. Canada. If you are around here I'm more than happy to meet up.

I do not charge paypal fees

Prices in Canadian Dollars

Prices are OBO!


Mary Magdalene Angelica OP New With Tag


Measurements: 96cm length, 89cm bust, 74cm waist

Price: 300$ / SOLD!

Victorian Maiden Antique Cards Skirt in Navy, NWOT

Please note, I'm selling the SKIRT in NAVY.


Measurements: 58cm length, 63.5cm waist, 250cm lace

Price: 130$

IW Rose Crown Jacquard Skirt in Gray NWOT


Waist: 63-72cm

Belt is removable. Has partial shirring.

Price: 140$ / SOLD

IW Melissa JSK, Juno and Ribbon Pocket Skirt

I got these items in an Oddment pack, however I haven't noticed any flaws with them. Please keep this in mind though! They are all brand new without tags.


Melissa JSK in Cream:

Bust: Free, Underbust: max 80cm, Waist: 72cm, Length 83cm (skirt 45cm)

Price: 100$

Juno Skirt in Rose:

Waist: Max 68 recommended. Has back shirring and corset lacing.

Price: 100$ / Pending Payment

Ribbon Pocket Skirt in Black:

Waist: Recommended max 72cm, has back shirring and corset lacing.

Price: 80$ / TRADED

Jane Marple Thigh High Socks:

White: Some Discolourings and slight piling around the foot. 10$ / SOLD

Rose: Great Condition, some wear on the brand name printing. 15$ / SOLD

Argyle: Great Condition, some wear on the brand name printing. 10$

JM Overknee socks:

Blue Paris: Great Condition, Some wear on the brand name priting. 10$

Pale Blue: Slight discolouring around the foot and some wear on the brand name printing. 10$

Offwhite: Okay condition, piling and wear, still perfectly wearable. 7$

Purple: Great condition, however brand name is almost completely worn off. 10$

Navy: Crowns and silver lines are all with glittering thread. Good condition but brand name is almost completely worn off. 15$

Jane Marple Overknee socks:

Music Note: Great condition, slight wear to the brand name. 10$

Green: Slight Piling and brand name worn off. 10$

Red: Slight piling around the heel and brand name slightly worn. Has small sparkly stones on the crown. 10$

Purple: Great Condition, slight wear to the brand name. 10$

Jane Marple Kneesocks:

Red: Crown and argyle pattern, Slight piling and worn out brand name. 7$ / Pending Payment

Begie: Red-ish discolourings around the foot, brand name almost intact. 10$

Navy: Great condition, some wear to the brand name. 15$

Wine (more red-ish than purple): Great condition, slight wear to the brand name. 15$

White: Discolourings around foot and ankle and slight piling. 10$

Offbrand kneesocks NWOT:

10$ each.

Tags: !ds, !dt, color:black, color:blue, color:pink, innocent world, item:jumperskirt, item:legwear, item:skirt, jane marple, mary magdalene, victorian maiden

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