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DS: BtSSB, Meta, AP, Algonquins, Sexpot Revenge, offbrand

Rules and Conditions:

-All prices are in USD and include shipping with tracking by USPS within the US.  Ask if you need different shipping.
-I will look at offers but will take first to give full price
-I will not look at trades, I live in Japan full-time.
-All items sold as-is.  I would like them GONE.
-I reserve the right to refuse any offer for any reason.
-Barring various natural disasters, I will ship on the 28th of December or after, for transactions that take longer, but before December 31st.
-Paypal ONLY


NO TRADES  *   SOLD AS-IS, UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED  *   I WILL LOOK AT OFFERS, BUT FIRST ALL ITEMS GO TO FULL-PRICE  *   IF YOU COMMENT WITH A QUESTION, YOU HAVE ONE HOUR BEFORE THE SALE GOES TO THE NEXT PERSON TO COMMENT  I'm sorry, but this can only hold for the beginning of the post, when I was online constantly.  I will try to be fair, but in the end, if you want to guarantee getting an item, reply quickly, and leave a paypal address.

NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.  It is just far too expensive and I wind up eating it.  If you want it, be prepared to add $30 minimum to the price.  For shoes, expect $50.

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Algonquins close-up:
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Clockwise from top right:
-Handmade Cotton skirt, unlined, unworn, 26-30” (66-76cm) waist, 22” (56cm) length. $20
-Alice at the Funfair skirt by BtSSB. 
Worn several times, good condition, detachable waist ties.  $65  SOLD
-Metamorphose Punkma Skirt.  Worn a few times, bought off Mbok, good condition.  Detachable waist ties and pouch.  $55
-Algonquins Punk Chiffon Skirt.  Made of a guazy fabric, star pattern, worn plenty of times, wear only visible on waistband.  Waist 26-34" comfortably.  $45   SOLD!
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Clockwise from top right:
-Liz Lisa Onepiece.  Elastic waist, elastic bust, half-shirred, detachable ribbon tie.  No zipper.  28-38" above bust, 24-34" waist, 28" top to bottom.  Worn twice, great condition.  $50 SOLD
-Algoniquins cutsew.  Quite stretchy, good condition, worn a few times.  Only faint pilling, tiny dark stain on back I just noticed that may come out in the wash.  $25
-AP Sailor Cutsew.  Has star buttons on front that will be included.  Has pilling, odd yellow stain on back.  Can be rehabilitated but I am fed up with this shirt.  $15  SOLD!
-BtSSB Pup in Cup cutsew.  Unworn, perfect condition.  $45

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Clockwise from top right:
-Sexpot Revenge boston bag.  Well-used, but holy crap this thing is durable as hell.  I used it daily for severl months and the most wear it shows is that the metal is getting tarnished.  Otherwise, this thing looks new, I kid you not.  Will include shoulder strap if I find it before shipping, cause I think I know where it is.  $35.
-AatP Stained Glass Second Release Novelty Box.  No wear or damage.  $15, or $10 with other purchase.
-BtSSB Secret Cake Factory Novelty Box.  No wear or damage.  $15, or $10 with other purchase.  SOLD
-AP Sandles.  Dunno the name, bought in-store, worn 4-5 times.  Cork sides, rubber sole, size M.  Heart buckles with snaps under.  $65
-Meta Red Platforms.  Removable bows, bubble toes, straps wrap around ankle.  Size M, bit roomy, good for wide feet.  Worn 2-3 times, one or two scuffs.  $60
-Offbrand pink shoes.  Worn several times, light scuffs.  Size M.  $20


Offers considered after 24 hours.  I want these gone!  Thank you.

Offline and online for the day!
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