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!SS:velvet jackets, lolita dress, blouses, shoes, handbags

Hi, I am from HK, love doing jewelries myself, love lolita clothes, don't cheat. I already got a couple of clients from lj who could give me feedbacks. But the feedback page requires me to add a link to the post at egl sales, as the one at my personal journal doesn't count. So here it is.
Here are some of the lolita dresses and outfits from taobao brands, and now I am helping the purchase and shipping at no service fee. Especially if you have picked two items from two shops, only one inte'l shipping fee will do.

I promise I will be honest to the feedbacks and descriptions from taobao pages, double confirm all info with you before proceed.

You could also give me links of the clothes/shoes/handbags you are interested.

Share some items I personally love:

Now You could get it at taobao price, plus demostic and inte'l shipping, paypal premium fee. Shipping is whatever used, should be generally within 25USD.  The price listed here is the taobao price, plus demostic shipping, plus paypal premium.

Dark Grey Velvet Lolita Jumper Dress from Yolanda - 72.99USD

Black Military Style Lolita Jacket - 71.99USD

Black Gothic Lolita Dress - 61.99USD

This ends to Dec 30th, then I will go on with the service at a premium around 10%. Here's my site:my lolita dress which is ready for most functions, and I have also added a few clothes/lolita dresses in. Welcome your advice.

You could also request other things, if you have a link :)

My feedback page:
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