amycake5 (amycake5) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB!: Vanilla Chan Vanilla Chan Vanilla Chan

haha! So yes I'm looking for Vanilla Chan stuff to complete my collection. I'm looking for socks, the head bow and even the coat! I'm only interested in mint or pink colorways although if you have a set of black I may consider it. I already have the pink Vanilla Chan skirt and mint Vanilla Chan OP. I'm in Ca, USA
So here's what I'm looking for:
Most importantly Vanilla Chan Head bow in Pink or Mint:

Accessories (any color):

Vanilla Chan socks in pink:

or any of these socks:

 in mint pink or white

OR! any vanilla chan outerwear :) Although this one I'm more hesitant on because I don't make much monies (took me almost a year and a half to get the skirt, sock n op, which are pretty much my only lolita items ;n;) but I really do love the print.

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, color:pink, item:accessory, item:hair accessory, item:legwear, item:novelty, item:onepiece, item:outerwear, item:skirt
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