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DS: HUGE closet cleaning post, a lot of variety - ALL MUST GO

Welcome! I've got to move, so everything needs to go to a new home so that I don't have to pack and store things I don't wear! :)
I've reached my deadline, so I will not be selling future items from this post. Everything unsold is going into storage!

Terms of Sale:
My Feedback:
Shipping: I will happily combine shipping! All prices have US Priority Mail with Tracking shipping included for the US. I will have to get estimates for anything else. I will not ship without tracking. I can take either PayPal or Credit Card (through Paypal). I will ship at my earliest opportunity, hopefully within 3 business days of payment. If it will be any later than that, I will stay in contact with you.
Sizing: Most things will fit a 38"-34"-44", as that's when I was wearing these. Most things will not fit a 34"-28"-38", as that's my size now. I do not think most things would fit a 40" waist. Generally, I think a 32-36" waist is best for the majority of the items. Most things have partial elastic, so they aren't super rigid. If you want me to take a measurement, I can do that. However, if someone else comes along behind you with a paypal address, that person will get an invoice although you expressed interest.
Questions: I will answer any questions to the best of my ability, but asking a question does not put you first in line, a paypal address to invoice does. I will also take questions or paypals via PM. I will take further proof photos if desired, though that will delay things and if someone puts down a paypal without those, then that person will be invoiced.
Offers: PLEASE make me an offer, especially if you want to purchase multiple items. I want everything gone, as I leave the country in a matter of weeks. That said, my procrastination should mean that the prices are pretty low to start with, heh. Also, I am not likely to want to trade because I have to take anything with me, so my lolita is being left in storage while I am gone. :( You can try anyway, though!
Payment: Once I invoice you, you MUST pay your invoice within 48 HOURS. Normally I would say 24, but it is the holidays, so if you can make that shorter deadline, please do. :) If you do not, I will sell it to the next person as quickly as possible. Once something has been PAID FOR, I will strike it out and change the picture to just a link to show that it is sold (...and hopefully that won't break my cut).

ToS Short Version: Shipping is included, everything needs to be ironed, please make offers, whoever leaves a paypal is obligated to purchase and therefore has priority, invoices must be paid within 48 hours of receipt, I will answer questions to the best of my ability.

Full-length items (outerwear, dresses)

Cream F+F Winter Coat $75

Comes with the cape and the fur collar and cuffs. It is missing one of the front buttons, that I know I have somewhere, but have not been able to find in getting ready to make this post. It is the bottom button on the front. I sell it as-is, but if I can find the blasted thing, then I will send it along (even if it's after I've sent the coat), and possibly even sew it on if I have the time and some thread that would work. (back) Update! I found the button! So I can ship it with the coat. Also here is a worn pic:

Custom B&W Outfit with headbow - made for a tall lolita! $70

This was commissioned as a cosplay of a lolita character (If someone knows the character, let me know.) that I am selling on behalf of a friend. I have it in my possession, of course. :) (on hangers from the front and back)

Purple Plaid Jumperskirt $50
An offbrand find, originally made in China, iirc. Fully elastic shoulder straps, and partial (mostly) elastic in the torso. A bit on the short side, so not for taller lolitas. Cute scalloping and layering in the skirt. The white below is the underskirt I was using underneath.

Red and Pink Flowers 'Yukata' Set $40
Handmade, the front does not close, as you can see, so you would need an obi as well as a blouse underneath. (sleeve style)
BTSSB Yellow Dot JSK NOTE DAMAGE!! + White Cardigan $90 Sold!
This (stock photo, previous seller's photo) will come with the cardigan shown, as I purchased it in order to hide the bleach stain because I had no more time before my event. (I will price the cardigan at $15 incl shipping and therefore lower the JSK price to $80 incl shipping IF I have separate buyers.) While the minor spots may come out with dry cleaning (I have not tried) or are due to the nature of the fabric picking up lint instantly, the bleach stain will not, so I sell it absolutely AS IS. Because of how light the JSK is, it is not as noticeable as it would be on black or similarly dark fabric, but I was uncomfortable wearing it without the cardigan.


White Ruffle Skirt/Underskirt $25
Commissioned this and the black one together as tiered underskirts (when I had a 34" waist) and WOW are they a lot of fabric (many of the other skirts' pictures have this as the petti!). Both close with a zipper and button and have a little bit of elastic.

Black Ruffle Skirt/Underskirt $25
Same as the white above, I will sell both together for $40 ($5 knocked off due to combined shipping plus $5)

Deep Red 'Velvet' Skirt $15
Marked as a '10', it started to get loose when I got to a 29" waist, and would start to lose its shape past 34". The orange mark is a sticker that will not damage the skirt in anyway, I just forgot to take it off for the photo.

Pink Strawberry Print Skirt $20
Labeled a kid's 13/14, but I wore it (though it was tight) as a women's 14 (34" waist). A bit of elastic, so perhaps below a 30" is risky without some layers underneath it. It's a bit on the long side. :)

Purple Roses Skirt (with waisties!) $15
Handmade, full elastic

White Tiny Stars Skirt $20
Full elastic, handmade, really cute glitter effect to the stars, which are light blue with some black. (Sorry for my friend smoking in the background, I do not smoke and the clothes are stored where I live, so they are not smoke-y.)

Tops (blouses)

White F+F Long-Sleeved Blouse WITH CAPE $20 (was originally $25, please note damage!)

These often are without that cape, so with I normally see them go for $40+. However, I've noticed a bit of yellowing on the collar and the lace needs ironing (a skill I lack), so I marked the price down for those things. Actually, getting this back out of the box it was in in order to measure it, I noticed that it seems much yellower than in that picture and I noticed a brown spot on the lace. It may be salvageable with a run through with some bleach (or if you were wanting to dye it a different color) I tried to take new photos but my camera auto-adjusts or something.
All that said, the measurement across the bust is 17", though there is a bit of stretch to the fabric. There is a label that says that it is a UK16/US14. So, their sizing ( says that that is a 38" bust and 30" waist.

Black All-Lace Long-Sleeved Blouse $15
Great for gothic or aristocrat! Though please notice that there is nothing under it, it is only one layer of lace. (Sorry for my friend smoking in the background, I do not smoke and the clothes are stored where I live, so they are not smoke-y.)
Pink Floral Short-Sleeved Cardigan $13 Sold!
Marked as a Medium, so too big for me. Has really nice floral embroidery detailing along the front, and the buttons are covered by the same material.

Under-items (bloomers, socks, etc)
Black and Red Underbust Corset, size 28 $60 Sold!
Steel boned, needs the laces to be replaced if you want them to be pretty as well as functional. It's a size 28, so best for a waist of 32-34" (thus why it sits awkwardly on my dressform)
Black and Silver-Pinstriped Bloomers $13 Sold!
Commissioned for wider-than-average thighs, though the waist and thighs are full-elastic. Are a bit longer than most bloomers. :) They actually have a nice double ruffle for the thighs, but it got caught inside, so you can just see part of it on the one leg half unfolded. >_< Here is a worn photo.
White Short Bloomers $9 Sold!
Full elastic, though the lace can be a bit scratchy.

Nick and Nora Bloomers/Undershirt Set $20
THIS I WILL TRADE FOR IF YOU HAVE IT IN MY SIZE. So cuuute but will not fit me now no matter how much I wish it to shrink. Originally sold as a PJ set (stock photo), but makes an adorable bloomer and undershirt set. The elastic in the thighs is not a very strong elastic, very comfortable. There is a drawstring for the waist and under the bust of the top.
Petticoat Set $17 Sold!
I purchased these as layering petticoats.  The white is very cupcake-like on its own (too big to layer!), though rigid, but I think a thin layer to protect your dresses is necessary, as the tulle is rough. The light peach is a very thin layer, so it will serve that purpose, but really does not add poof (also does not work to layer).

Black and White Leg Avenue Socks $9, $4 with another item
Either new or only tried on. Not recommended for plus-size calves (>14")
Meta BrownxCream/Antique White Lace-Topped Socks $15, $10 with another item Sold!
Just don't have anything to match them with, so only tried on. Also not for large calves (>14")

Blue Alice In Wonderland Socks $12, $7 with another item
Were new, only tried on, but not recommended for plus-size calves (>14")
Strawberry Socks $8, $3 with another item
Brand new, Not recommended for plus-size calves (>14")

Accessories (everything else)

Black wristcuffs drawstring ($10, $5 with another item) or elastic ($8, $3 with another item)
Please let me know which one(s) you would like. The drawstring ones are sold. The elastic-only ones are a bit shorter, and have a cute bow pattern! I keep thinking I want wristcuffs, and therefore buying them, but they just don't suit me.
White Ribbon Wristcuffs $10, $5 with another item Sold!

Cupcake Ring (with bow missing), Cute Cake Eraser Pick One FREE with a $20 order
A friend got me the cupcake ring, but the glued-on bow immediately fell off. If you really want to purchase one of these alone, they are just the cost of shipping - $5.

Purses $10 each
Black and white houndstooth with pink details
Pink Hello Kitty, cute for sweet country lolita
Purple with bow, includes matching coin purse
"Gosu Rori" Vol 7, 10, 11 $15 each All Sold!
All new, received as gifts

Gothic Lolita Bibles Vol 9 and 17 $15 each
All new, received as gifts

PHEW! Thank you for looking and please contact me with any questions!!
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