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WTB: Dresses, skirts, blouses, looking for various stuff.

Hello dear lolies~

I've been saving up money for Christmass for a while now and since i finally managed to come up with a good sum, I decided it was due time for me to get a gift for myself xD

I am looking for various things:


I am looking for something elegant, I wear mostly classic/gothic

 I like this in all colorways, mint prefered
OP or JSK in all colors                    Black color prefered                        All collors but will prefer mint
In any colorway                              In any colorway                             In olive or strawberry
In any color                                  In strawberry                                 In Navy, long vers. prefered

In black x black                            In green or black                             OP only, in black
OP only, in Black, Ivory or purple     Any colorway                                In black

Any colorway                                    Any colorway any version               In black

Any version                                    In rose x Peach                          In strawberry, black, navy

Favourite brands: IW, VM ,MM
Prefered colors: Jewel tones, black, brown, cream, will look at most except pastels

Prefered styles: Corset dresses, vest dresses, low waist dresses, corset skirts. I am definitely not looking for anything with a babydoll

For examples you can look my previous WTB's for brown printed skirts,  corset dresses/skirts, Underbust/vest dressses


I am looking for something in wine/caramel/striped/brown or something that will look good with this JSK. I am not interested in white or off-white and I prefer high-necks to peter pan collars


Looking for things to match the above JSK's.

  • My feedback Page
  • I will not buy from sellers with negative feedback so please note that since I will be asking for your feedback page If I like what you are offering.
  • I prefer to buy from within europe to avoid expensive shipping but may look at other offers too, if there is a cheap alternative

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