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SS; Shopping Service for AP 2012 Lucky Packs CLOSED


Hello everyone!

I am going to do a shopping service for Angelic Pretty Lucky Packs this year as I will be in town until just after the New Year.  In order to insure everyone follows through with payment, I will be taking deposits of $75 per pack in advance, regardless of type, with the balance/shipping due after I buy them.  The deposit must be paid by Monday, December 26th at 11 PM (within 3 days of this post). 

I will be taking the orders until the spots fill up.  I am sorry, but once the spots I list have filled up, I will NOT be taking any more spots.  I can only carry so many and I wish for local girls in my city to also be able to buy their own packs.

Some notes for those interested in a AP LP:

-They will not be released until January 2nd.  It might take me a couple days to pick them all up as I have to use the train.  Furthermore, it might take me time to ship them out as I will be traveling for several days, starting from the 3rd.

-There are 5 types of packs. I will be doing these at a special, flat rate, shopping service fee (includes train fare, doesn`t include shipping or handling fees).

Happy Girl Set (Tartan Set) 8400 yen- Flat Rate: 1500 yen
comes in red, black, or pink

Otome Ribbon Set (Solid JSK Set) 10,500 yen- Flat Rate- 1700 yen
comes in pink or black

A la carte Time Saropetto Set (Print Saropetto Set) 10,500 yen- Flat Rate- 1700 yen
comes in white, black, or pink

A la carte Time Odekake Set (Print JSK Set) 21,000 yen- Flat Rate- 2000 yen
comes in white, black, or pink

A la carte Special Set (Deluxe Print JSK Set w/ Cape and Petti) 31500 yen- Flat Rate 2300 yen
comes in pink only

-When commenting to claim a spot, please list your color choices in order of most wanted to least.  The more open you are to colors, the more likely it is I will be able to get you a pack.  It would be a good idea to see what colors other people have expressed interest in when listing your choices.  Every other year we have been able to choose colors, so I assume it will be the same this year.

-The contents are as shown above.  You cannot return the contents for any reason.

-The JSKs are shirred in the back, but I have no other size info, and there is no way for me to find this info out, sorry.

-I DO NOT know how much shipping/the final price will be.  This depends on the weight of your bag and where you live.  If the Lucky Pack is very heavy (2kg or over), you will have to use EMS (tracked express shipping), but if is under 2kg, you are free to use SAL or Airmail at your own risk (non-tracked shipping estimated at 2+ and 1 week delivery respectively). Please be aware that shipping could get expensive if your pack is very heavy.

-I will charge in USD ONLY at the rate my bank gives me on the day of purchase.  As always, this rate is lower than the exchange rate you find on online converters due to my bank.  It is generally about 4 yen to the dollar lower than what you can find from online converters (so if the Google exchange rate converter says 77 yen to $1 USD, then I will get a rate around 73 yen to $1 USD).

-I may have to open your Lucky Pack in order to package it, but of course all the contents of the Lucky Pack will be included in your package.

-You may only claim one spot.

-Your deposit is NOT refundable for any reason other than I am not able to buy the Lucky Pack.

If you want to sign up for a spot for a Angelic Pack please comment with the following (will be screened):

Paypal Address:
Shipping choice if under 2kg:
Which pack do you want:
Which colors are you open to:

Angelic Pretty Lucky Pack Spots:

Happy Girl/Tartan Set(8,400 yen/1500 yen):
1.  PM claim- tiamat4eva- blk
2. rinrinhime- pink or blk
3. kuroda_asada- red (Back Up is plain JSK  BLK)

Otome Ribbon/Solid JSK Set(10.500yen/1700 yen):

A la carte Print Salopetto Set (10,500yen/1700 yen):
1. Email claim- F. H.- blk
2. PM claim- may_candy blk or pnk
3. nightroad- wht or blk

A la carte Odekake Set/Print JSK Set (21,000yen/2000 yen):
1. Email claim- C.S.- blk or wht
2. PM claim- suki_chan429- blk or wht
3. PM claim- angeliclolita- pink

A la carte Special Set/Delux Print JSK Set (31,000yen/2300 yen):

My feedback: eglfeedback: chibi_tenshi
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