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Link to my feedback:

I recently dropped the price of these items.  I'm providing links to the etsy page for them, since if you buy through Etsy you can use the coupon code "HolidayFrills" for 20% off.  This sale ends on the first!

Link to this item's etsy listing:

Plus size friendly, with a lot of stretch.  $85 + shipping.  I have it listed as both Lolita and Squaredance since it is so full along the bottom, I was hoping to attract a wider interest in it.  

Pictured on a 45"B 39" W. 
Max measurements: 55"B, 49"W
Min measurements: N/A B, 31"W
35" long. 

 This is the back.  The print is only on the front. 

Link to the etsy listing:

$25 + shipping, Fits 26-44 inch waist/hips.

$100+shipping, this is a set.  I will not sell them separately.  

Bust: 36 to 48 inches
Waist:32 to 44 inches

If you want to commission me for something, I am going to be open again for commissions after the first.  Here are some examples of commissions I've done.

I also do half bonnets, bows, headdresses, and custom knit or crocheted items.  Contact me for more pictures, examples, estimated prices, or estimated time frame for completion of a commission. 

Thanks for looking!  Happy Holidays to everyone.  :)

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