scandium21_45 (scandium21_45) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB green, purple, burgundy/wine/dark red, strawberries + music theme

Any and all brand, offbrand, handmade is welcome as long as it fits my criteria and is of reasonable quality and condition. My budget is dependent on how much I like what you have to offer me, but realistically I don't want to be paying more than retail for second-hand items.

My measurements at the moment are 
Bust: 80cm (31.5")
Waist: 63cm (25")
and obviously I want something that will fit me at the moment. If you have something with a slightly smaller waist measurement, that will be okay as well - I have gotten slightly larger during the festive season.

If you have something to offer, please comment below and include a price INCLUDING all fees and shipping to New Zealand. I don't want to faff around adding your 4.9 or 2.3% paypal fee, I want to know how much it costs.

Part 1: I am looking for large clothing items (blouses, skirts, jackets, dresses, not bloomers/socks/shoes) which are mainly dark green, dark purple, or burgundy/wine/dark red. I will consider other jewel-tones and Moitie blue. I will also consider black and white striped items.

To give you an idea of my taste, brands I like include Atelier Pierrot, Alice and the Pirates, Putumayo, Dangerous Nude and Mary Magdalene. 
I do not like cross motifs or florals, or empire/baby doll styles.
I already own a replica of the Ekaterina OP in burgundy, and a number of dark purple blouses.

Part 2: I am also looking for items that are music or strawberry themed.

Music themes: I prefer music notes or piano keys, no violin or string instruments please. 

Strawberry themes: Looking for items with mainly a sax blue, white, lilac, red, or black background. No mint, pink, or yellow, and I do not suit ivory/cream colours.

I already own the bodyline strawberry gingham skirt and 2 heart E music note skirts.
Tags: !wtb, *petite, any brand, color:blue, color:green, color:purple, color:red, item:blouse, item:bolero, item:jumperskirt, item:onepiece, item:skirt
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