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!DS : IW skirt, mint condition

Hello everyone J

This is my first sale on the community, hope I don't forget to include anything in the post ;)
Here is my feedback : 
I have ebay feedback linked on egl feedback page as well.


 Priority goes to first person who leaves paypal address. DO NOT back off after letting your paypal address please. 
 Before letting your paypal, if you have any question, ask them!! :) If you are not happy with the price, feel free to propose yours. 
♪ All payments must be done by paypal, in Canadian dollars. PAYPAL FEES are included in the price of the item.
♪ I do not smoke, but I do own two cats. The clothes are stored in garnment bags, and my cats are not allowed in my bedroom.
♪ All shipping prices are approximate and I will refund any amount of excess payment I asked for the next day following the shipping, at the latest. ^^ 
♪ SHIPPING: I can ship as soon as you pay! :) Please ask for shipping fees.

----- Innocent World Puppy Skirt ------

Hellolace page : http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/innocent-world/type/skirt/item/31/
Measurements (taken on hellolace):  54cm length, 54~72cm waist 

I am selling my Innocent World Puppy skirt, because it does not fit well on my hips. Worn once, I am the second owner.  This is a very beautiful skirt, made of thick and rich material, perfect for winter or the colder days ahead!  It includes the black back ribbon. No stains, in perfect condition, wouldn't even know it's been owned by someone else before. :) I love this skirt, but it sadly doesn't fit me. 

120$ 110$ CAD (82 euros / 105 US)
* this price includes the paypal fees.

^^ Have a good day!!!

Sorry for the low quality pictures, my numeric camera just broke on me, and a new one is on my x-mas list ;) So I had to use my laptop's built in camera. ^^

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