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!DT - bodyline floral JSK

I ship from CA, USA. I prefer to trade within North America for convenience & shipping costs.
I have 3 cats but all my lolita items are kept in a drawer away from them. Let me know if you have allergies and I'll take the necessary precautions to make sure you're not affected.
I'm interested in trades ONLY at this time, please show me what you have - preferably dark colors/gothic lolita style.
I ship via Priority shipping which includes tracking.
Ask me any questions :)
egl feedback:

Black/pink Bodyline Floral JSK (L141)
Measurements: T2L
Length 102cm (40 in)
Bust 88-104cm (35-41 in) - I have a 40" bust and it fits me comfortably.
Waist 80-94cm (up to 37 inches)
It comes with a removable bow on a pin that can be placed anywhere on the dress. (In the photo, it is at my waist.) Let me know if you want me to include it.

Photo - worn with petticoat

On bodyline's website:

Please show me what you're willing to trade (as long as it'll fit a 40" bust and 28" waist) but I am looking for mainly BLACK and/or GOTHIC LOLITA/EGL items made by bodyline or offbrand (OP preferred but JSK and SK are okay too). Doesn't have to be a print.
Tags: !dt, *plus size, bodyline, color:black, color:pink, item:jumperskirt, offbrand
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