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!DS : Some Moitie, some bodyline, accessories and socks !/ !DT Silent Moon

Hi everyone J

Here is my feedback : http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/742792.html

I am selling some of my stuff because I gradually change style. I also have a trade to offer so look below !


Priority goes to first person who leaves paypal address. DO NOT back off after letting your paypal address please.
Before letting your paypal, if you have any question, feel free to ask to be sure !
♪ All payments must be done by paypal, in Canadian dollars. PAYPAL FEES are included in the price of the item.
♪ I will accept e-check, just tell me if it will be your case when you buy the item please.
♪ I am OK with trades, even though for now my priority is selling to get money, as my style is changing a bit. For trades, please see the items I am interested in at the end of the post please.
♪ I do not smoke, nor own any pets.
♪ All shipping prices are approximate and I will refund any amount of excess payment I asked for the next day following the shipping, at the latest. Canada post is very expensive and most of the time offers almost no options for tracking or insurance covering, so be aware of this too ;_; 
SHIPPING : I WILL NOT SHIP ANYTHING BEFORE JAN 3RD. It is holiday time, and I work a lot, as well as go back home to my city. I WILL be able to answer questions and be online, but going to the post office and pack stuff will be difficult before this time.  


♪♪ SALES ♪♪

#1 Knee high white Moi-même-moitié blue logo socks. 20$
NOTE : They have a bit pilling on the underfoot part but no hole or other damage.

#2 Short off-brand lacy white socks (FREE WITH PURCHASE, please tell if you want me to join them to your other item. They will be 4$ if you buy them alone)

#3 Over the knee black/black Moi-même-moitié ankle laced logo ribbon socks. 35$
NOTE : The small bow at the back of the leg has been re-sewn as it fell off once. You cannot see that it has been re-sewn.

These socks will be shipped by bubble envelope as it will be less expensive, and there is no use for a box.

USA/Canada : 5$
International : 8$

Long, heat resistant brown hair falls. They have been bought in the shop Salad Bowl at  MaruiOne Shinjuku last year and they have been worn 2-3 times. They were straight, and now had been curled with a curling iron. They can easily be put back to the straight style, using low heat of an straightening iron. They hold in place with an elastic that you can pull tighter with plastic push-thingies (;__; I would not know how to explain this, but like these plastic things that hang on your hoodies to tighten the rope) and a comb that goes under the elastic of your ponytail, so it stays in place very efficiently. (It stayed in place during a headbanging concert, to give an idea) They where originally 10,000 yen total for both, which is 125$ or so. I am asking 65$ for both. I will not split the set of two. They come in their original plastic little package.

WORN picture : (sorry lol the only one I have !)

Shipping USA/Canada : 20$
Shipping International : 25$

45$ Moi-même-moitie corduroy flower print headbow. Bought originally on CDJapan, I am the first owner. I do not wear this anymore. There is a JSK and an OP that fits this print, and probably some classical flowery prints match this headbow too.

I will send this in an envelope for the price reason. I can send it in a box if you prefer, but it will be more expensive.

Shipping USA/Canada 8$
Shipping International 10$

Handmade black bonnet. 20$ It has some flaws. In the inside, the “lining” is a big shaggy/poofy, but this cannot be seen from the outside. I suggest this for a smaller head. It has a hair extension clip inside at the top so you can clip it into your hair to help it to stay there even if it’s a bit windy. The ties are in 100% silk chiffon, just as the frill around it. There is a silky looking flower and some tulle, along with some lace around the hem. I need to put this in a box, and the bonnet WILL be folded a little bit to fit inside, but with some ironing, it should come back nice once you receive it. (Also you can see a little stain on the picture, I couldn't see when I took picture, but it will be gone when I send, it will be washed away ^^; ) 

Shipping USA/Canada : 18$
Shipping international : 22$

285$. Moi-même-moitié full shirring summer lace JSK. The under color is beige. I bought this JSK new from CDJapan some years ago and it cost way more than this ;_; but I am not wearing it so I need to let it go. The lace is very soft. It can easily fit a bust up to 105cm. A little more would fit, but it might be pushing it a little, please be aware of this. The shoulder straps are elastic too. I am a bit chubby and 5’5 and find this dress a little short in my own opinion, hitting me 2cm~ over the knee. Tall girls be aware ! Very light JSK, perfect for summer.

Shipping USA/Canada : 20$
Shipping International : 25$

15$ Bodyline Moi-même-moitie replica. It’s just small enough to not be confortable for me :( . I would say it fits a max of 88~90cm bust, 80cm waist. The sleeves are also not that long, so consider this if you are tall.

Shipping USA/Canada 10$
Shipping International : 15$

picture of the back : 

40$ Metamorphose peter pan collar rashel lace blouse. The shirring at the back as been removed, exept the line where the waist is. I also do not have the ties that go at the back anymore. This blouse will fit someone up to 95cm correctly, I would not recommend under 87~cm bust because it will be too big. The sleeves are good length too.

Shipping USA/Canada 10$
Shipping international 15$


♪♪ TRADE ♪♪ 

I would like to trade my Silent Moon long OP in black/silver for the short OP in black/golden or black/silver. The long version was more expensive at first (20$~ish if my memory is good) but I’m not asking for any money for this trade. Golden is my first choice for trade, but silver is fine too. I WILL ONLY TRADE SILENT MOON OP/SILENT MOON OP for this item. Do not ask to trade for the JSK as it doesn't fit me hehehe.


For the items that are up for sale, especially the Moitie shirring JSK, if you have any of these items that you would like to trade or partial trade. I cannot guarantee I will accept, especially partial trades, but make your offer ^_^ 

Ritual Print JSK
Moitie necklaces (Cross necklace in the white stones or blue)
Moitie purses
Moitie fur stole
Moitie handbags

You can always try with other Moitie dresses as I might be interested, but they have to be shirring or partially at least, as I DO NOT fit straight size 2 or size 3 no shirring dresses from Moitie.

Thank you very much and don't be shy to ask for questions =)

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