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SS/G0: Metamorphose Winter Lucky Pack -- CLOSED

My Feedback

I am offering a shopping service for Metamorphose Winter Lucky Packs. I have done this many times before.
It is open to people world wide.

I plan on ordering one for myself anyway so we would split the international shipping how ever many ways there are of people joining then once I get the package I will ship to you.

There are two types of packs so please make sure I know what type of pack you would like.

There are no fees expect those added by paypal. (I use this site for the fees: http://ppcalc.com/)

Shipping from meta by people in group order:
2 people/packs -- 2250yen each
3 people/packs -- 1500yen each
4 people/packs -- 1250yen each
5 people/packs -- 1000yen each
6 people/packs --  833yen each
*7 people/packs -- 715yen each*

Link to Info about lucky packs:

Packs go on sale at Winter Lucky Pack will be available at approximately 12:30 on Dec. 23th (Fri).
I must have all payments before T
hursday, December 22, 2011 at 7:00:00 PM Seattle time.


chelsatron -- 10,000yen pack -- Paid
dango_mew 15,000yen pack -- Paid
stellapixi 15,000yen pack -- Paid
princewicca -- 15000yen pack -- Paid
[info]ravenslolita -- Paid
[info]angelofdeathz -- 10,000yen pack -- Paid
[info]olliebell -- 10,000yen pack -- Paid

Update 12/22: Order placed.
Updated 12/24: Just a note everyone was charged 1500yen for shipping but with how many people joined I owe all of you 785yen each. If I do not hear other wise I will direct all of the extra shipping from meta to the shipping between you and me. :)
Update: 1/6: I'm still waiting for the shipping notification but sometimes they do ship the packs and let you know days later so here is hoping that is the case!
Update 1/9: I just got an update from meta! It looks like the packs were shipped on the 6th! Here is the tracking number: EJ151006420JP
Update 1/10: I got home just in time from class to get the packs! I sent everyone a message about colour choice/size requirements! Please get back to me asap even if the answer is you want it to be 100% a surprise. :)
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