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DS: Heart E Gothic Cross Dress, Blk Meta ABC Socks, H. Naoto Bloomers!

My feedback can be found here! Thank you.
Shipping is not included. If international buyer wants tracking, it is an extra $11.50 on top of shipping prices listed. If cost of shipping comes to less when mailed I will be happy to refund you the difference :) I do not charge paypal fees.

If you buy all three items, you will get free shipping if you are in the US!

Item goes to whoever can pay first/leaves paypal, I will try my best to give all measurements and info beforehand. :) If you still have a question and are serious about buying, please leave your paypal in your comment.

No trades at this time please. Items bought today will be shipped out tomorrow! Otherwise items will be sent out Monday or Tuesday of next week since I will be away starting tomorrow night.

Heart E Gothic Cross Dress - $60 (+$5.60 US priority mail shipping, $8.00 airmail international no tracking) Sold via PM.

Bust & waist - Free size (I am a 42" bust and there is still room to spare. Would probably not recommend over 45" bust though as it might become tight above your chest.)

Length - About 37" from top of shoulder line. Sleeves are 22".

Arm width - I am at 13" on my upper arm, the elastic is a bit tight and it makes the puff on the sleeves bunch up a bit and the sleeves ride up. So I would probably recommend 11", maybe 12" or less for comfort and appearances sake.

This dress is gorgeous. I love the style, it buttons up the front with pearl like buttons and is in a cross design. Would be amazing for Gothic Lolita coords. I bought it a really really long time ago on the sales community and have never worn it, its just been sitting in my closet. :( Perfect condition, I could not find any flaws.. all the lace is in tact as far as I can tell..

H. Naoto Frill Bloomers - $60 (+$5.60 US priority mail shipping, $8.00 international airmail no tracking)

Length - 21"

Waist - 10" (not stretched at all) - 18" (MAX stretch, I would say 16" for comforts sake) laid flat.

Leg opening can stretch to 15" laid flat, maximum stretch.

These are absolutely adorable. They are never worn, still have the Frill tags. So basically brand new, again.. just been sitting in my closet. Has really cute fruit print and oodles of pin tucking, lace and ribbons that say Frill on them.

Metamorphose Knee high Alphabet Socks - $20 (+$2.00 first class US shipping, $5 international airmail no tracking)

Only worn once for a short period of time, they are in great shape. Very cute with lace at the top and little black bows. These are my favorite socks and I searched forever for them, but I don't wear them as much as I should.

Thanks for looking! Happy Holidays :)
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