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DS: Angelic Pretty~ Black Glittering Heart Bolero and Pink/Colorful Teapot Cookie Necklace!

Hello and thanks for taking time to look at my sales!

Here are my
rules of sale. Please read them before buying or questioning. You can PM me if you are more comfortable, but please write here that you sent a PM :)

1. I ship by priority only and shipping is not included in the price unless stated. Please let me know where you are living and I
will give you a shipping quote. I can ship overseas as well! Please let me check for shipping. Sometimes prices at my mail office are higher/lower than shown online, so please bear this in mind!
2. I am not responsible for lost packages if you do not want tracking. I can get tracking quotes for you if you would like.
3. I will mark items as gift and mark down the price, but I can only insure the package for the marked down price, so keep this in mind.
4.Holds and trades are accepted. I will do a hold for a week at 20% down and longer if there is about 50% down. Ask me about payment plans. I have the right to refuse if you have little or no feedback.
5.Paypal fees are your responsibility, but you can send the payment as a gift to avoid fees.
6. My measurements are 38"-40" bust, 30"-31" inch waist, so please keep this in mind when trading!
7. I have the right to cancel sale at any time (before payment)!
8. My items come from a smoking and pet-loving home, but I will try my best to make sure they are free of hair. Thanks for understanding!

Item 1: Angelic Pretty Glittering Ribbon Knit Bolero- black, $60 shipped U.S.A. O.B.O.

I really love this cute little bolero, but I am in desperate need of money after spending too much on Christmas! It's in beautiful condition, no fading or marks at all! I took the ribbons out of the sleeves to try it on, but they are included, as shown. The bow on the front is detachable by pin for a more casual look. The size is pretty much free up to 40"/100 cm.


My photo:

At Hellolace:

Item 2: Angelic Pretty Teapot Cookie Necklace, pink/colorful, $55 shipped in the U.S.A. O.B.O.

This is such an adorable necklace! It's modeled after one of the cookies on Wonder Cookie, matching the series perfectly! It can also be worn with other prints or even non-prints to add a little extra pop to the coordinate. I bought it secondhand and have never worn it myself, but the first owner must have taken very good care of it as it has no flaws at all! All pearls are intact, etc.


My photo:

At Hellolace:

I still have a couple of wigs and mini-hat here (bolero and shoes are sold):

My feedback page, all positive:

Thanks for looking and happy holidays!
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