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DS/DT/WTB: black BtSSB blouse, pink wig, bolero, bow and many wtb

I ship from Hungary, EU
First in line who first leaves PayPal.
I make photo proof of shipping and tracking.
I'm not responsible if the package is lost.
I accept PayPal only.
PayPal fees (4%) and shipping fee are not included.
Prices are negotiable.

My feedback:

DS or DT:

I'd like to sell or trade this blouse in black from BtSSB. The measurements are (according to hellolace): 50 cm length, 90~98 cm bust, 65~74 cm waist and 29 cm sleeve length. I'm looking for another black blouses, preferably with short or detechable sleeves. I'm not interested in offbrand pieces this time, I'd like an Angelic Pretty or BtSSB blouse.

Price is 75 USD + shipping


Pink GLW wig (reduced)

Worn pic:

Price: 42 USD 33.60 USD + shipping

White offbrand bolero (reposted)

Price: 21 USD + shipping

DoL Sugary Carnival detechable waist-bow

Price: 10 USD + shipping

WTB: I'm looking for brand blouses with short or detechable sleeves. My brand preferences are AP and BtSSB. I need a black and a white one, but I'd also consider any other (pastel) color. I'd like to buy some brand boleros or parkas too. I'd really like the Ballerina bolero from Baby:

Please don't offer offbrand or Bodyline items!

I'm also looking for the pink Aqua Princess headbow, and the pink Aqua Merry-Go-Round Camisole.

And if you have the Marionette Clock bag, please show me ^^ I don't want to spend too much, but if you have it on an acceptable price, I'd like to buy it ^^

Thank you for looking! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me :3
Tags: !ds, !dt, !wtb, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, item:bag, item:blouse, item:bolero, item:wigs, offbrand
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