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!DS&Updates: Infanta, Dear Celine, Dream of Lolita, Secret Shop

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Secret Shop

New Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes Stock(US$47.95) has come in - Available in all 10 colourways.

Secret Shop OTK Socks(US$7.85) - Model 701, 702, 703 & 705

Dear Celine

Dear Celine Frothy Petticoat IV - White with White Trim(US$43.95)
(There are 2 layers of hard tulle underneath the organza layers. This is by far the poofiest cupcake shaped/bell shaped petticoat)


Infanta Napoleon Style Black Striped Jacket (US$47.95)
Infanta Edward Boarding School Jacket Skirt Set (US$104.95)
Infanta Black Sugary Vest JSK ($74.95)

Infanta Cinderella and Prince Charming Embroidery JSK (US$90.95) - Red colourway is now available, and the Cream colourway comes with embroidery now, instead of flocking.

Infanta Emperor and Nightingale Shawl - Pink (US$40.95)

Infanta Floral Cameo One Piece (US$65.95) - Besides green stripe, this OP is now available in Black stripe and Pink stripe.

Infanta Classical Clock Embroidery High Waisted Skirt (US$63.95) - The skirt has been restocked in Black and Green colourway, and the fabric has been changed a little.

Dream of Lolita

Dream of Lolita Sheep Garden One Piece(US$69.95)
Dream of Lolita Sheep Garden JSK(US$67.95)
Dream of Lolita Sheep Garden Tiered JSK
Dream of Lolita Sheep Garden Skirt(US$49.95)
Dream of Lolita Mermaid Princess Embroidery Coat(US$85.95)
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