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DT/DS BtSSB, IW and Heart E

I ship from Austria

Payment via Bank Transfer (in Europe) preferred! Paypal if necessary.
This is a private sale, so no refunds or returns (I do send with insured shipping)
I have two cats, please beware of that.
All prices are in €.
Shipping is not included, please ask for quote.
I reserve the right to refuse to sell to people with bad feedback.

My feedback:

IMPORTANT!  Whoever expresses an interest first gets priority, I'll skip to the next one in line if the person does not commit to buying within 12 hours. EXCEPT PEOPLE WHO CAN PAY VIA BANKTRANSFER, THEY GET PRIORITY

My bedsheets or microphone will be the proof.

I'd prefer to trade these items, but I'm also open to selling (the prices are, of course, negotiable).

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
Hat (ivory)



diameter: 14cm (24cm including the brim)

I am the first owner of this hat and wore it only twice for a short period of time. It is in very good condition.
Unfortunately I can't seem to find a stock picture.


Innocent World
Jumperskirt (pink - white)

measurements (all amateur and measured flat)
bust: 38 - 53cm
waist: free (high waist cut)
length: 90cm 
Unfortunately I don't know the name of the dress, I also wasn't able to find a stock pic. Bought off closet child, worn twice, no visible flaws (keep in mind that I am not the first owner though), complete with detachable waist-ties.

Heart E

measurements (all amateur and measured flat)
waist: 31 - 42cm
length: 56cm
I got this skirt in a trade, but I never wear it.  Worn once, but no visible flaws.
The picture does not really show the true color of the skirt - it is a dusty pink.


Feel free to ask any questions :D

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