Aurorakaganshiko (rorakaganshiko) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS Sax Bodyline Shoes. 21.0

~ I only accept Paypal.
~ US only for now please
~ Does not Include any paypal fees
~ I include shipping in the price
~ Willing to trade if item is what I'm looking for
~ I ship form San Diego, CA
FeedBack Here, Note, feedback page is NEW

I'm Looking to sell these shoes, I ordered them and realized I needed half a size bigger. I've only tried them on to see the size, [the stuff on the bottom was dirt from my floor bottoms will be cleaned before sending], they are the usual Sax blue color that bodyline sells, they are very true to the photos color, maybe just a little bit lighter due to my camera being a cellphone.

Price: $30, Shipping included, or partial trade in exchange for a short sleeved, high neck blouse in white and $15 for the shoes

Tags: !ds, bodyline, color:blue, item:shoes
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