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DS: Petticoat, White w/ Cherry Print

Handmade Cotton Petticoat for Sale!

-Shipping from North Carolina, USA
-Paypal Only
-EGL Feedback
-Paypal Fees and Shipping Included in Price
-Credentials: 12 years experience sewing, Costume Technology and Design BFA 2013 UNCSA

(Top Left: Full Skirt, Right: Side Closure)
(Bottom Left: Adjustable Waist Drawstring, Right: Ruffles)

(Cotton petticoat underneath skirt)

Cotton Petticoats are a great addition to any Lolita's wardrobe.
Cotton is very comfortable, warm in the winter and breathable in the summer.
They are machine washable and adjustable at the waist, with a side closure for a perfect fit every time.
The shape can easily be manipulated with an iron for a fluffy, bell-shape or a toned down cone.

This petticoat uses soft Kona Cotton as a base and waistband and adorable,
fashionable white cotton with a small cherry print to add a bit of fun.

Length: 18"
Waist: 23" - 31"

Price: $70 (includes paypal fees and shipping), ships to anywhere in the USA

Want a petticoat made to fit your body and your style?  Or perhaps you want a
dress, skirt or blouse made just for you and no one else? Custom Orders
Available!  Just Message or E-mail Me @  View more
of my work at my DeviantArt (

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