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DS: BtSSB Winter Coat, AP Sweet Jam Set, AP Shy Bear Bag, Fuzzy Bloomers

My Feedback

-Paypal only.
-I have a cat, and ferrets. They don't get near my lolita items but the stray cat hair is going to happen.
-Must pay within 24 hours.
-Holds only accepted with 20% non-refundable deposit.
-Price includes shipping for US only.
-Measurements are taken by an amateur, I do my best, but ask further questions if needed.
-First to inquire about an item has preference, but you must be quick to respond or I'll give it to first to post paypal info. This is just to allow people to ask questions without getting sniped before receiving an answer.
-No trades.
-Will do local pick-ups/trades.

International Shipping
-Please ask for shipping quote.
-I ship EMS. If you want priority shipping instead for these items, payment must be via gift.
-I take the US shipping off the price for priority shipping only. Using EMS always turns to a huge ordeal at the post office and usually costs more than quoted.

Please make an offer if you don't like the price.

Sweet Jam Skirt Set in Red - $300 Shipped in US

Includes skirt (with waist ties and brooch), socks, and head bow. Will not split set at this time unless there are buyers for each item. Skirt is in perfect condition except for some dirty spots I found. I rubbed at them and they started coming off so it should be very easy to wash them off. Skirt waist is 64cm relaxed, 74cm stretched. Bow is in perfect condition. Socks are pink with some dirt on soles, haven't tried washing since I never wore them.

BtSSB Cream Coat - $260 Shipped in US - PENDING

Bought off mbok. Super heavy and warm. Fur collar and neck bow are detachable. 100cm bust, 90cm waist, fits smaller sizes well.

AP Shy Bear Purse in Cream - $130 shipped in US

Bought off mbok, seller said it was only used as display and received the mark that way. I never used the purse myself.

Fuzzy Bloomers - $7 shipped in US

Package says 85-98cm hip.

Lots more for sale in my journal!!
Socks, accessories, shoes, cardigans, head bows, BtSSB dress
Not listed here because it hasn't been four weeks or shots include items that have been posted in past four weeks.

Thanks for looking!
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