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DS: Cheap Brand and Offbrand Pieces including BtSSB, Bodyline, and BPN

I recently cleaned out my closet and need to get rid of some pieces that I hardly ever wear, so I'd rather they go to someone else instead of sitting there gathering dust.


-Shipping within the US is included in the prices via the cheapest method. If you are international or would like insurace, tracking, etc. it will be extra.
-Prices are in US dollars
-For reference, my measurements are: B: 34in, W: 27in, H: 37in
-Item goes to the first person to leave their Paypal information. 
-I don't smoke and have no pets.
-I reserve the right to refuse to sell to users with negative feedback.
-Feel free to haggle, reasonably.
-If you need more pics, info, measurements, etc. ask in the comments and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
-All measurements are made when laid flat.

My 100% positive feedback is located at:


Offbrand Blouse - $10 shipped in US

Bust: 34"
Waist: 30"
Length: 22"
Sleeve: 21"
Neck Circumference: 15"

I bought this off another user on the sales comm, but ended up never wearing it for a planned cosplay. It's a beige color with cute ruffles at the collar and sleeves, and made of a really soft and silky material. The size is labeled as XS, and doesn't have much give, so I would not recommend this for those over the measurements. Only tried on. The accurate color is in the second pic, with the collar.

sleeve detail

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Blouse - $40 shipped in US


Bust: 36"
Waist: 34"
Length: 22.5"
Sleeve: 23"

I believe this was from one of the Regimental Stripes collection. Bought off the sales comm and worn and washed only a few times. Still in great condition, although the seller before me had it storage, so when it arrived, the wired bows that came with it were unfortunately pretty bent. I haven't really tried to reshape them, but they can probably be reshaped still. It comes with two attachable bows in the pink stripes and white. Blouse also has detachable white sleeves which are included as well. Really cute piece, with gorgeous crown-shaped lace on the collar and sleeves. Standard Baby "M" sizing.

Bodyline Skirt - $15 shipped in US - SOLD

Waist: 24"-29" (recommended under 28")
Length: 18" at the middle point

I bought this in Japan at the Harajuku Bodyline store. It's been worn and washed a few times, but still in good condition. The waist has partial shirring, but it is pretty tight and got too uncomfortable for me. Works well for a punk lolita co-ord. The little bow and chain on the front is removable, so you can position it wherever you like.
bodyline skirt front

bodyline bow

BtSSB Pink Tartan JSK - $60 shipped in US

Bust: 36"
Waist: 30"
Length: 30"

I bought this used off the sales comm. It's been worn and washed a few times, and unfortunately there's some small stains on the front, but I've done my best to wash it as best I can. They are pretty faint, to be honest, and not very visible unless you're looking closely. It does have a bit of a worn appearance, but definitely still has a lot of life left in it. A great starter brand piece! Standard Baby "M" sizing.
baby jsk

Bodyline Candy Skirt - $20 shipped in US 

Waist: 24"-34" (recommended under 27")
Length: 21"

I bought this brand new off another user on the sales comm. It's only been worn and washed a handful of times, and is still in very good condition. Like the other Bodyline skirt, I just found the elastic to be too tight, so I wouldn't recommend it for those over a 27" waist, unless you don't mind tight skirts. 

Offbrand White Cardigan - $10 shipped in US

Bust: 34"
Length: 19"
Sleeve: 13"

This is a children's size cardigan, but it fit me since it's got stretch to it. I think I've only worn this once or twice, so it's still in very good condition. The sleeves are about halfway down the arm, and it ties in the front with a little string tie. The material is a pure white as in the photo and is pretty lightweight, making it good for summer. There is a very faint stain on the front, which I have circled in the photo.

Peace Now Choker - $30 shipped in US

Circumference: 12" MAX; can go smaller

This is a gorgeous double-layered choker bought brand new from the BPN Store in San Francisco. Unfortunately, it was made for small Japanese people, and so it ended up being too tight for my sister's neck. I would definitely not recommend it for people with larger necks. It's only been tried on, so it's still in near-pristine condition. Has cute trump charms hanging off of it and would be great in a punk coord!

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