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DS: AATP St. Mephisto Cathédrale OP, Circus Print vest & DreamV shoes

Please be sure to read these rules before you enquiry.

* Prices are in euros.
* I accept PayPal only.
* First one who leaves their PayPal gets the item.
* I ship from Italy.
* Shipping is not included in the price.
* Please do not ask me to ship without tracking.
* In any case, once your item is shipped I am not responsible for it.

* I do not accept trades, sorry.
* About smokers/pets. The vest was stored at my boyfriend's place for a while, and then I kept it for him. There are smokers in his family, and he has two cats. There is also a smoker at my place, but I do my best to keep my closet safe. I don't have any pet.
* Feedback page here!
* Anything else -> just ask! :)

AATP St. Mephisto Cathédrale OP, black

Used a few times by me, previous owner wore it only once.
It's still in very good condition. The waist ribbon is detachable.
Please note I will need some days to ship this - I have to take it
to the laundry!
Price: 290 €

AATP Circus print vest, black

I am selling this vest on behalf of my boyfriend.
Bought used, and only tried on by both of us. It's still in perfect condition - the only flaw
is the missing ribbon on the shirring side, but that's how we received it.
Missing ribbon on the back
Price: 45 €

DreamV/Yumetenbo Heart Heeled Mules

These were listed as a size M (23.5cm). However, they fit a bit too large for
me (my size is 22.5cm but I usually buy 23.5cm Secret Shop shoes XD).
The whole insole is 24cm long. I'd recommend these for a real 23,5cm size!
The rose clips are detachable.
Only tried on for a few minutes, they're as new. The only flaw I could find
is some little wrinkles on the back, but they're barely noticeable
and again, that's how I received the shoes. (see pic)
Price: 20 €

Thank you for looking★
Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, color:black, item:onepiece, item:outerwear, offbrand

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