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DS: Holiday Sale! 3 brand Jsks, 1 wig.

Saving for an important New Year's trip to visit some friends!

Not to mention I plan to visit my family soon, and really need to lighten my load before traveling. Any help is greatly appreciated.

EGL Feedback
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Neutral: 0
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+ First to leave their Paypal gets the item. Please pay straight away!

+ I'll consider offers, but no holds. (I've had too many people back out of them.)

+ No trades at this time please.

+ Shipping is not included. I ship from Nagoya, Japan. Shipping rates are as follows:

Dresses: EMS, Priority (~5 days) tracked/insured: $26

Small items (ie: wig, top): EMS, Priority (~5 days) tracked/insured: $20.
Small package, no tracking or insurance: $10

I ship within 2-5 days of funds clearing into my account.

BTSSB Ma Cherie Jsk in Cherry Pink- $180 obo.

Brand spanking new condition. I adore this, and had to have it since it has "Cherie" in the name. But I literally never wear it. u___u

I paid 26,040円 new.

Measurements and detail stock photos on Baby's shopping page. Please look and check out that cute lace!

Removable satin ribbon, and pin-back bow with gold Baby "B" heart logo charm. Flattering flared-out cut. The cotton eyelet fabric is embroidered with daises. The thick lace has adorable eyelet hearts all over. 

Shirring in back with satin ribbon corseting, side zipper, lined. Max Measurements roughly 38" bust, 29" waist. 

(Blouse not included.)

BTSSB Snow Dot Ribbon Jsk in Yellow- $150 obo.

Practically new. Cute bow shape on the bodice (hence name), satin ribbon corseting in the front and back, daisy embroidered lace, snow dot cotton, fully lined. Detachable ruffle at the neckline. Dotted tulle on the bottom.

90cm length, 85~94cm bust, 74~84cm waist according to Hello Lace (item stock page).


Sold~ Metamorphose Window Print Jsk, long, in red- $150

I actually haven't seen this version before, at least not in stock photos!

It has the necky criss-cross things too, they are detachable. 

There's no shirring in the waist, and zips in the back. My waist is about 28 or 29 inches there and it fits with room to spare, which surprised me, since this is an older piece. The bust should accommodate around 38" inches.

Invoice sent~ GLW Wigs Classic Wig in Milkshake- $15.

Worn like once, about a year ago, I'm not sure why I brought it with me. It's in great condition, please just take it off my hands!

That is all! Thank you for looking.
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