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DS/DT : closet cleaning !!!! lots of jsk here :D

- I accept bank transfer for Europe ( cost to you ), paypal ( fees for you ), pour la France cheque et liquide en main propre sur Paris
- prices are negociables
- No returns, no refund, no hold !!
- I don't smoke and I have any pets
- The first one which can send me its address paypal has the item
- shipping costs are not included
- I ship from France, I use only colissimo with tracking number and assurance !!!!!
- If you want a cheaper shipping method, I''m not responsible for any lost ou damage
- I accept trade, I search more Gothic/GL/EGL/EGA style ( Black Peace Now, H. Naoto, Atelier Boz, Atelier Pierrot, Moi Même Moitié ... )

My feedback :

BTSSB Regimental strip navy :

Bought second hand, worn and wash many times, in good condition

bust : 82~98 cm
waist : 72~88 cm
lenght : 95 cm

price : 100€

BTSSB Princess Drop Paris black : sold

I have got in a trade, worn 1/2 times, in good condition.
When I receive it, there was no ribbon on the back, so I put one.

bust : 82~98 cm
waist : 72~88 cm
lenght : 92 cm

price : 120€

BTSSB JSK Polka Dot Ribbon in Brown :


Bought second hand, worn few times, it's in good condition.

bust : 86 cm
waist : 76 cm
lenght : 90 cm

price : 120€

JSK cutsew Myanya  BTSSB :

I bought it  in second hand, wore several times. it remains in good condition

bust / waist: 84 cm
Length: 95 cm

Price: 70€

OP cutsew Baby Sweet fruit a la mode :

Bought new, worn and wash many times, still in good condition

bust : ~ 74cm
lenght : 86 cm

price : 70€

Milk Cat Dress:

I bought it new, I had worn 2 / 3 times. It's in good condition.

Bust: 88 cm
waist: 110 cm
Length: 85 cm

Price: 70€

BTSSB Rose Dungaree Skirt navy :

Bought new, worn few time, in good condition.

waist : 62~82 cm
lenght : 49 cm

price : 120€

BTSSB skirt Very Berry Sweet Pie :

Bought new, worn few times, in good condition.

waist : 56~100 cm
lenght: 49 cm

price : 90€

BTSSB  Ice Cream  cutsew :

Bought new, worn and wash many times, still in good condition.

bust : 68~92 cm
waist : 68~92 cm
lenght : 50cm

price : 15€

Bodyline shoes in black Damaged :

Old shoes from bodyline ( I bought it at Tokyo in 2006 ), I worn it a lot of times. They are somes stains on shoes and one of the hooks is brokeen but you can keep walking in spite of this.
left side, back detail, hook brokeen
right side, back detail back,
sole worn in front of, worn left side, worn right side

size : L ( 24,5cm ) my European size is 39.

price : 10 €

Here is a sale from a friend, I have all items with me.

Emilie temple Cute JSK :

Bought second hand, worn a few times, still in good condition.

bust : 80 cm
waist : 72 cm
lenght : 91 cm

price : 100€

Lusty'N Wonderland Half Bonnet : sold

from the french brand Lusty'N Wonderland, bought new, worn a few times, still in good condition.

on the side, detail of the embroidery

Price : 35€

Baby headbow off white bow :

worn many times, still in good condition

price : 20€

Baby headbow off white card :

worn many times, still in good condition

price : 20€

Baby hairclip off white bow :

One straw is missing, still in good condition.

width : 12 cm

price : 10€

Socks off brand and brand :

5. off brand pink, worn and wash many times : 5€
6. off brand mint, worn and wash many times : 5€
7. off brand stripe white/red, worn and wash many times : 5€
8. Baby strip blue, worn and wash many times : 5€

Tote Bag Baby :

new, it's from the baby's DVD

price : 15€

Gothic Lolita Bible 19 :

it come with sewings patterns, in mind condition

price : 10€

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