Naneki (faerydragonet) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Custom House Shoes, Under $40 (Final Reduction)

I am located in Los Angeles, CA
My feedback is here.
Shipping and Paypal is included for United States in the sales. International, please inquire.
I ship on Wednesday, unless work schedule requires change in the schedule.
I only take PayPal. Please know that paypal now allows non-Paypal user to pay through Paypal.
I live in a smoke free house.
I do have pets. Although, last time I checked my dragon is too small to wear my clothes and my turtle prefers to be au naturale.

Custom House, Size 24.5, matte, real leather, worn twice, in great condition, reduced to $36 shipped within US. International inquire.

I'm willing to negotiate the price

Tags: !ds, color:red, item:shoes
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