Rose Kingdom (unusual_alice) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Rose Kingdom

!Ds: Meta Cutsew and two wigs! :)

-Shipping from WA, Australia
-please add $9 on for shipping to America due to the security fee!
-Shipping from Australia is expensive, so you can negotiate item price :)
-no trades this time please, need the money :)
-my feedback is here :)

Item 1: Meta Cutsew $30 OBO

Great condition, worn twice, brought from a friend :) Has been washed, is very cute, perfect for using with skirts!

Item 2: Lavender GLW with falls $40

Very cute, with detachable hair falls, was received in a trade :) Perfect for sweet! Only tried on twice :)

Item 3: Long blonde Wig $25

Brought off Ebay, very pretty and long, with a thick fringe :) Can be shiny in photos with flash, but its very good condition :) Only tried on by myself!
Tags: !ds, item:wigs, metamorphose
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