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DS: Sacred Night, LIEF

~ Paypal only 
~~If purchased this evening, I will ship tomorrow, if purchased later it will be shipped within a week or right after Christmas. 
~~~Shipping is included in the price for US, international buyers should inquire! 
No refunds! The dress will be sent out in the condition that is described, packed and secured to prevent damage. Please do not keep the dress in any kind of plastic for a long period of time as it will put it at risk for molding and discoloration.   
~~~~~~ Feedback is here! http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/369777.html

Sacred Night 
Bust: Up to 38 inches (with shirring) as low as 32 inches  (possibly lower)
Waist: Up to 30 inches (with shirring) as low as 25 inches (possibly lower, as it comes with waist ties) 
Note: There is a minor discoloration on the hem of the dress. There is no fabric thinning, and it can easily be fixed by taking it to a professional and having them match the color with a velvet marker!  

Price: 275 (adjustment has been made for the flaw)
Merry Christmas!  
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