ziggysunshine (ziggysunshine) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

ATTN: lotusx

Hello, everyone! Does anyone know how I could get into contact with lotusx? I bought a dress from her on this post here, on 12/04/11:


I paid in full on that day, and while the transaction was taking place, she was really quite fast to respond to comments. She said that there would be a little delay in the shipping, which was fine. I posted a comment asking her about the status of the package 4 or 5 days after the transaction asking about the status of the package, but she didn't respond. I sent her another message asking about the package some time later, on 12/12/11, but she hasn't responded to that yet, either. Does anyone know if she's caught up with something in real life, and just hasn't had time to get around to the computer? It's been a total of about two weeks, and although I'm not really worried that the package hasn't arrived yet, I'm just sort of worried about the lack of communication. Does anyone know how to contact her?

Tags: !attention buyer/seller
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