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[GO] Hair Bow & Ribbon Accessories

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PreOrder for
Hair Bow & Ribbon Accessories
Rings & Long Necklaces
December 25th 2011
6PM Hawaii Time

Pre-order Process

1) You select the item you'd want to purchase.
2) You fill out the order form.
3A) When the deadline has been reached I'll invoice you via Paypal, which you must pay within 3 days.
3B) If you do not have a Paypal I'll send you an email with your order information and address to send your payment. From there I must recieve your payment in the next 7 days.
4) I will place your orders with my supplier.
5) Delivery should take about 1-2 weeks to get to me from my supplier.
6) I will package all your orders and ship to you, which should take about 1 week within the US - or up to 2-3 weeks for international.

Product Quality

- Brand New

*in Pink or Blue*
Lace Trim Bow Headband $5

*in Pink, Violet, Pearl, Blue/Grey, Emerald, or Black*
A Style Bow Hair Clip $5

*in Red, Teal, Coffee, Blue, Pink, or Pearl*
B Style Bow Hair Clip $5

*in Black, Red, White, Blue, or Coffee*
Polkabot Bow Hair Clip $5

*Adjustable Size*
2-Piece Ribbon & Mushroom Rings $5

*Adjustable Size*
Rhinestone Wing Ring [in Black or Silver] $5

*Adjustable Size*
Vintage Wings Ring $5

*Adjustable Size*
Pink Rose Ring $5

*Adjustable Size*
Rhinestone 3-Ball Connect Ring $5

*Adjustable Size*
Vampire Fangs Connect Ring [in Silver or Gold] $5

*Adjustable Size*
Cat Ears Ring [in Silver or Gold] $5

Rhinestone Panda Long Necklace [in Silver or Gold] $8

Vintage Eiffel Tower Long Necklace $8

Golden Eiffel Tower Long Necklace $5

Fox Fur Tail $10

Golden Starfish Long Necklace $5

Large Golden Crown Long Necklace $10

Vintage Golden Rings Long Necklace $6

Golden Treasure Chest Long Necklace $5

USE THIS FORM. (this is not a confirmation)

Location (+zip): state, country (international? just your country)
Payment method: cash/money order/paypal
Items: copy the description and their prices
Tracking Number: YES/NO (if yes, add $0.80 to total)
Total: your total [for international i will calculate the shipping for you]

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