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DS! / DT! : Metamorphose dresses, offbrand, loads of socks (most under $8!)

I live in Monterey, California. Feedback: Click me! I have 2 puppies. One is yellow, and one is brown. I keep them away from my clothes, so don't worry! I accept PayPal, but I'm willing to trade for an item I like as well! I would prefer to ship within the United States only, but I will consider international sales. I am a student, but will do my best to ship the day/day after I receive payment! I won't accept refunds unless elves or fairies tamper with the dress while it's being shipped. Sorry! Shipping is $5 in the US. If you're not in the US, let me know, and I'll calculate it! If you would like tracking, please let me know if you would like it for a little extra. :) Feel free to ask questions if you have them!! :) T R A D E S

TRADE: Metamorphose Honey Picnic OP in Lavender

I love this print, but it doesn't seem to flatter my figure. I'd prefer to trade for the JSK version.
However, I am interested in Country-styled pieces, Sweet OPs/JSKs (usually with a print around the border), and A-lines (No empire-waists!!) I'll consider most anything :)
Pictures from HelloLace:
Photobucket Photobucket

TRADE: Metamorphose Sweets Time JSK.
I'm interested in OPS and JSKs, usually Sweet, Classic, or Country (I don't like empire-waists).
Show me whatever you'd like to trade, and I'll happily consider it! :)
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


Medium Brown curly wig with bangs. $30, or best offer.
Has blonde, honey, and dark brown highlights. VERY full and thick! My hair is just too thick for it to sit right.
Worn once: on Halloween!

Light Blonde long wig. $23
The loose waves are adorable! My eyebrows are almost black, so it doesn't look so great on me x__x.
Note: It belonged to my best friend who passed away about a year ago from cancer, and it breaks my heart to sell it.
While I wish I could keep it, I really need the money. I mention this because I'm not sure how many times she's worn it.
I've gently fingercombed it, and it has the natural hair look. Not the shiny, overly-perfect wig look!<3

Offbrand Pink Dress: $31, or best offer This is my first Lolita dress. I bought it off of rinnickyrun on eBay for $98, and it's quite my taste anymore. I am selling it with almost a $70 discount!!! :)! Close-up of Bust
Photobucket Bust: ~32-36". Waist: ~27-31" (I'm not exactly sure, but it may stretch more!). It has shirring and lace in the bust/waist, which will help stretch. Arms: I am not sure of the arm size, but it also has shirring and lacing for extra adjusting! Length: I am 5"4 with Standard(?)-sized legs. The dress (with decent petticoat) goes to slightly below my knee. The zipper is hidden! :)

S A L E S: S O C K S

Photobucket Photobucket
Black stud(?) socks: $22, shipping included!($17 without shipping). These socks have never been worn.
Being made by "Little Miss-Matched," it comes with three socks. Each sock is minor-ly different,
with different types/colors of hearts and stars. they would look delightful with a Sweet black OP or JSK. :)

Navy Beach Umbrella Socks: Never worn, $10. I had been looking at the Meta Popping Balloon OP in blue, and thought these would go well with it. The sale didn't go through, so these socks have no purpose now!
Navy Hearts: $7. Close up!
Striped Sailors: $7. Worn... once? Great condition!
Pink/Black Hearts: $7. Worn a couple times. (Birthday present from a long-distance ex-boyfriend. Don't want them now!)
Hello Kitty Red Apples: $6.. I used to wear them all the time!
Hello Kitty Mushrooms: $6. Look great with brown shoes and a red dress!
Pink Strawberries: $5. I wore these often, reflected in the price. Still adorable!
Black Rainbow Hearts: $5. I wore these often, reflected in the price. Would look great with a Sweet black OP! <3

Gray/Tan Lace: $13. Never worn out! Close up!
Striped Sailors: $7. I don't think I've ever worn these! I bought them quite awhile ago. Adorable :)
Black Teddys: $6. I bought these thinking of a Black JSK coordinate, but I didn't quite have the right dress to match.
Pink/Red Stripes: $6. Super Stretchy!! Very comfortable. These used to be my favorite!
Black/Gray with cats: $6. From the same company as before. Super stretchy! They would look adorable with a sweet black JSK with pink highlights!
Tan Ice Cream Cones: $5. Who doesn't enjoy ice cream?(; The heel on one of the socks is slightly stiff, I can gently prewash before sending!
Pink Stripes: $5. I used to wear these all the time. Reflected in the price, but still adorable!

White Stripes, Semi see-through: $20 shipped. Close up! Adorable socks, over-knee for shorter girls.
Black Flowers: $20 shipped. Worn once for two hours to a small dinner party. They don't slip, either! :)
Pink/White Stripes: $15 shipped. Bought at the Renaissance Fair, never worn. Thigh-high on shorter girls.
Turquoise/Fusha Stripes: $15 shipped. Bought at the Renaissance Fair, never worn. They have small hints of rainbow thread throughout, really pretty when looked at up close. Couldn't capture it with my camera, sorry! :( Thigh-high for shorter girls. :)

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