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DS: Plus Size Friendly Classic and Sweet <3

Terms and Conditions~
1. Priority goes to whoever leaves their paypal first and can pay first.
2.All prices are in USD and do not include Shipping or PP fees.
3. I am not interested in trades.
4. I'm happy to ship anywhere in the world~
5. Thank you for looking and please ask any questions you may have ^^
6. You can find my feedback here: 

-IW Classic Square OP + Headband + Socks set Size L: 200 (set)  SOLD

Proof PictureHeadband Closeup
Details: This is a gorgeous BNWT Classic OP in size L ^^ This is super plus size friendly and it can be corseted down in the back to suit smaller sizes as well ^^ I"ve only tried this on and decided that it just wasn't for me, so my loss your gain ^^ The IW Headband matches this OP perfectly! The headband was an LP item, so it seems to not have the tag on the inside of the band ^^ Finally, I'm including BTSSB lace otks to match~ The color is much more accurate in my picture~ It's a gorgeous chocolate brown ^^
Freebies: If you like, I can also throw in a custom-sized petticoat from Dear Celine~ This is an A line petticoat made from organza(I think) so it's uberly poofy! This was made to custom fit a 29-35 inch waist and is so full~ I'm including it since I have two and I don't need both! You can see the Poof here and here~
Someone has bought the dress and the Petti via PM, but the headband and the socks are still available for 10.00 each ^^

-BTSSB Usakumya Stylish Sweet Time Skirt 90 SOLD

Closeup of Details
Details: This is a perfect for Christmas lolita skirt~ Featuring adorable Usakumyas and delicious looking treats, this skirt would be perfect for the Lolidays~ This has a fully shirred waistband so it can fit anywhere from a 28 to a 40 inch waist, possibly even a little bit bigger^^ I've worn this around 6 times, so it's not brand new anymore, but it's in good condition!~
Freebies: I can throw in an offbrand petticoat that's perfect for this skirt~ I bought this from the booth where Kawaii Carnival and Kawaii Goods were selling their wares~ (I think Judy sold it to me~) This is the perfect skirt petticoat in my opinion since it provides an amazing poof for skirts and a medium poof for jsks~ <3  You can see it here: and here:

-BTSSB Blouse 50 SOLD

Proof Picture:
Details: This is a plus-size friendly blouse as well~ It can go up to 40inches  in the bust and around 33-34 inches in the waist~ It features waist ties in the back as well~ I've worn this a few times, but it's still in amazing condition~
Freebies: I'm not exactly sure what happened to this poor BTSSB bow, but my sister somehow managed to separate it from the headband it came on and attempted to crookedly sew it back on since she knew I'd be mad! Since I have no sewing skills myself, I've never attempted to remove the black thread (even though it clashes), but I'm sure someone with more skills than I will be able to do it~ You can just slide this on a headband and wear it~ You can see the front of the bow here: and the damaged backhere: 

Thank you and Happy Holidays <3
Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, color:brown, color:red, color:white, innocent world, item:blouse, item:hair accessory, item:onepiece, item:skirt
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