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!DS! Black Peach Now Kodona/Gothic Blouse with Jabot

Hello and welcome to my sales! Thank you for viewing!

I take Paypal and Paypal only at this time. This is an emergency sale. There will be a Paypal fee added to the total for invoice. Paypal fee is 2.9% + $0.30.
Shipping is included to the continental United States of America. International customers please inquire.
Shipping is in a plastic bag to prevent water damage, and then in a padded bubble mailer. If you would like a box for shipment, of if you have any other specifications, please note this before the invoice is sent to prevent confusion.
All orders include Delivery Confirmation for the USA.
I am usually a slow shipper (up to two weeks). However, if you need something out by a certain date, I will be happy to do my best to accommodate to your needs.

My feedback can be seen here:

First to leave Paypal address gets top priority. I'm sorry, this is an emergency. Please pay within 24 hours or else your spot will be moved to the next buyer, and your invoice will be cancelled.

On to the blouse!

Today I have a blouse from Black Peace Now. It has been worn three or four times by myself, and I have no idea how many times from the previous owner. As you can see, it is probably in need of a little bit of ironing. I would offer to do this for you, however my ironing board is currently...out of commission.

The blouse has been washed after each use by myself following the washing directions. However, there is a distinct scent to this shirt that simply will not come out no matter how many times I wash it. It isn't noticeable really, unless you're wearing it. (like, other people can't smell it, only you can). I don't know how to describe the scent, it's not like smoke that I've ever smelt. It's not a bad scent, just strange! And I thought it should be mentioned. :) The shirt arrived to me smelling like this.

There is also some VERY slight staining around the inside of the collar. It is not visible when worn. (See pictures below).

(sorry some of the images are thumbnails. Photobucket was being whack for me and I had to use Image Shack for the first time. I didn't realize one option for HTML codes was thumbnails! Please just click on the image and it should re-direct you to the full size. Sorry about the inconvenience!).

With Jabot:


Without Jabot:


Sleeve detail:

Collar staining:


Measurements: It can accommodate to:
Bust: 36 inches (cup size B/C is the max, closer to the C end).
Waist: 28 inches.
(please note, these are my personal measurements, to which the blouse fits myself. Anyone who is at these measurements or under should fit in the blouse just fine).
It is 20-21 inches in length, from the top of the collar to the bottom of the hem.

Asking Price: $36 shipped or best offer! :)

Thank you so much for viewing! Please feel free to ask any questions below!

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