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AFC! - Faux Fur Accessories Pre-Order and New Fun-kie Jewelry

Hello to all! This chilly season I present you a whole new variety of faux fur accessories, as well as the ones you're already familiar with. Please take some time to carefully read the information below, since this is a pre-order.

Since all models come in several colors, all placed orders require a instant $10 basic materials nonrefundable deposit - I buy fur in bulk in stores around town, to save production time and money. If you would like to buy, but don't have the full cost now - the deposit will allow you to get the item later.
I accept orders until December 20.

Please state fur type, decor and ribbon colors when ordering.

Pearl colors available:

Clear beads and ivory pearls are also available.

Short fake fur colors:

Note - the white isn't a "snow white", but more of an "antique white" which can be seen in some photos below. If you would like a "snow white" item, please inquire - I'll try to find a fur substitute.

Long fake fur (available, but not shown on any of the designs):

Fake mink fur colors:

Special order - 40% cotton 60% poly mix fur. Please note that this fur is almost x6 more expensive than the regular "short fur" I offer, so please ask for a personal quote on an item.

Ribbon colors (shown against fake mink fur). Inquire for other colors - these are only the ones on my hands at the moment:

Colors may slightly differ due to monitor settings.
Bare in mind that the head in the photos is a bit smaller than an average human's, so the items appear bigger.

I accept paypal only.
Paypal fees are included.
I ship international from Russia.
Shipping - $6-$12 depending on item worldwide. Combined shipping counted individually.
EGL Feedback page

General info:
I take commissions for individual designs.
I can make the available designs with custom colors.
All fur items require a 10% nonrefundable deposit.
If you're not happy with the quality note me 2 days within receipt otherwise I don't accept returns.

Fun-kei Space Pompom Meteor earrings - $12
Star colors - custom
Yarn color - pastel multicolor (solid colors available)

Fun-kei Space Pompom Meteor bracelet - $18
Star colors - custom
Yarn color - pastel multicolor (solid colors available)

Teddy Bear Scoodie - $50 (short, long fur) $60 (faux mink)
Teady Bear Hat (without the paws) - $30 (short, long fur) $35 (faux mink)
Loose fit Scoodie with bows and beads - $50 (short, long fur) $60 (faux mink). Please note that the bows and beads come in this arrangement.
Lined with fleece for a super comfy and warm effect. For an extra $5 the ears (or bows) can be made detachable.
"Paws" are 52 cm (20") each from the front of the hood.

Basic Ribbon Collars - $30 (short, long fur)  $35 (faux mink)
Choose narrow or wide style. The ends of the ribbons can be made with matching pompoms for no extra fee. Please send neck circumference with order.
Extra decor:
Pearls +$2
Stars +$5
Roses +$8

Short fur earmuffs  with bead chains - $37 ($40 for faux mink)
Band length - 33 cm
Muff diameter - 9cm
Ribbon length (each) - 50 cm
Chains can be made detachable. Request longer ribbons if necessary.
Extra set of chains - 3$

Short fur earmuffs  with beads - $35 ($38 for faux mink)
Band length - 33 cm
Muff diameter - 9cm
Ribbon length (each) - 50 cm
Request longer ribbons if necessary.

Fun-kei Space earmuffs  - $40 ($43 for faux mink)
Also available with hearts, teddy bears or mixed.
The charms can be custom colored and are all handmade charms that are firmly sewn to the earmuffs. The ribbon comes in a matching color.
Band length - 33 cm
Muff diameter - 9cm
Ribbon length (each) - 50 cm
Request longer ribbons if necessary.


Fur headband with beads - $30 (35$ for faux mink)
Stars instead of beads - +$5
Roses - +$8
Band length - 45 cm    Band width - 9cm   Elastic (stretched) - 31cm
Request longer elastic if necessary.
The fur part is decorated by clear glass beads or pearls and is held in place with a functional cute elastic. Is doubled for extra warmth.


Fur Tippet  with scattered beads  - $35 ($40 for faux mink)
With double brooch - $40 ($45 for faux mink)
Length - 75 cm
 It fits nice and soft around the neck and covers the chest, since is designed to be worn with a low cut coat, or a semi-unbuttoned one. It has a loop and button to keep it secure.

Fur muff - $40 ($45 for faux mink)
Double brooch - +$3
Inner zip pocket - +$10
Is doubled for extra warmth. Double brooch is detachable.
Measurements - 25x23 cm
The muff has a detachable long ribbon (110cm) and a sewn-in loop for the hand to carry it around more comfortably.

Fur pillbox hat - $40 (45$ for mink)
Fastened with clips and has several loops for them on the inside. Bead chain is detachable.
Diameter - 17 cm  Height - 7 cm


Fur full hat - $40 ($45 for faux mink)
Is doubled for extra warmth. Bead chain is detachable.
Please state head circumference when ordering.
Inner circumference - 56 cm   Height - 16 cm

Thanks for looking!

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