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Urgent !ds/!dt after four week repost Red Dear Celine skirt, Handmade skirt, wig, and older sales

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paypal only
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Dear Celine skirt

Minimum waist is approximately 28 inches and it is fully shirred so it will go up fairly far.  

50 USD shipped


Worn - sorry it is my only worn pic of it

Close ups

Handmade skirt

min waist 26 in max is 40
35 shipped
Great quality handmade skirt.  Very Full


Short black wig with a blue underlayer on one side.  It was never worn because it just doesn't fit my style of Lolita and I can't cosplay with it.

30 USD Shipped

BTW It is unstyled in these pics.  I have just taken it out of the bag I got it in

I am also willing to take offers and do Trades.  I really need money right now or something I can use,  I am currently looking to trade for Blouses in Pink, Black, and White Blouses but I will look at anything.  I really would like to get Jsks because I don't like skirts and it seems that is all I have.

Older Sale

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