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!DS: liz lisa fur collar cardigan, petit pâtisserie barrette (both NWT) // searching for an !SS


hope everyone is having a good start to the holiday season =]. i have a few things to sell (one new, one 4-wk repost), but i'm also wondering if anyone can help me make a reservation at the SF branch for the re-release of CC. i would go myself as i live in the area, but i'm currently trapped at home writing a paper for my grad class, one that's due exactly on the 16th DDD: so there's no way i can make it to the city myself. too bad this is one event that just happens to fall at a bad time!

i'm actually on a bit of a budget (i have enough saved for a main piece, but otherwise with not much wiggle room), so i'm not 100% sure about my commitment, because it would depend on the reservation fees you're looking to charge. please make your offers in the comments below, or send me a PM. if i choose to decline your offer, please don't be offended either =]. i have excellent buyer / seller / trader feedback here.

thanks in advance to all your help, and best wishes to all ^^

(i've xposted this from the angelic_poodle main comm, but i haven't had any luck, so i'm trying here ^^)


★ petit pâtisserie barrette (dark brown) [NWT]
$45 + shipping & fees

i was bidding on what i thought to be a skirt + barrette set, but only wanted the skirt; instead, when i received the package a month later, there was only the barrette... D:. i know i'll only be able to recover a part of my losses, but even some recovery is better than none ^^;

[ front ] [ back ]

★ liz lisa fur collar cardigan (pink) [ NWT ]
$76 + shipping & fees

max bust: free size if open, 33" closed (firm!)
recommend waist: ~28" 
max arm circumference: ~10" 

i bought this without double-checking its measurements, and it is way too small for my stature. this jacket is incredibly cute (and warm) — perfect for the coming winter! condition is NWT; front is closed via removable velvet ribbon, fur collar is detachable. fully lined with satin & brand logo. please note: the fur is not real! ^^

close-up | top | bottom | alternative view | lining | tag 

many brand accessories for $28 or under ]

thanks for looking!

Tags: !ds, !ss, angelic pretty, color:brown, color:pink, color:white, item:hair accessory, item:outerwear
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