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AC: Lolita Art Commissions~ all styles welcome!

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Although this round of commission is 'sans background' the only examples with loli art I have, are with background. I did list other samples in this page. I x-posted the info from my dA journal and modified it to fit the community. Please feel free to leave any questions ^^.

♦ This round of commission has no backgrounds included (single color bg's are ok). To ensure I work fast enough through the holidays, I'm working simple this time.

♦ I rather communicate via e-mail, tho PM's are fine too. (myusan [at] *replace spaces and '[at]' with @*

♦ If you would like your commission before a certain date, extra fees apply. Please notify me beforehand!

♦ Payments are accepted in USD $ only. The method of payment is via Paypal.

♦ Progress screenshot will be exchanged via e-mail. After a screenshot is
exchanged, you may proceed with payment to the provided e-mail above.

♦ When the commission is finished, I will send you a hi-res version via

♦ All lolita styles welcome!! (tho anything is welcome really)

♦ After you have your copy, you cannot make profit from the artwork (reprint/re-sell etc).
You may::

- Do wallpapers/icons/layout graphics/etc from the artwork, as long as you don't change the existing content.
- Give it to someone else as a gift (postcards, crafts, etc.)

♦ Sample/approx. prices listed below. I can allow up to one extra character, for extra 5.00 USD.


• Lineart
Full - 10.00 USD
Bust - 5.00 USD

• Color Sketch
Full - 25.00 USD
Bust - 15.00 USD

• Character
Full - 25.00 USD
Bust - 15.00 USD

• Chibi
Full - 15.00 USD
Bust - 8.00 USD

Quick Samples:::

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