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DT/DS: Bodyline alice skirt in red x pink

My feedback: click

I live in the unite states, zip code 44039
I prefer to trade with/sell to people in the U.S.
I live in a smoke free home with one cat. While he's certainly not crawling all over my clothes, it is possible some stray hairs may have gotten on my clothing (:

proof photo
Just got this skirt two days ago, it is size M and the red x pink color
It is extremely adorable and I love it, but it is also too small :(
Has only been worn to try on, it'll come in the cute bodyline bag it was originally packaged in

the site says max waist is 35" (90cm)... however my waist is around 32" (82cm) and it is too small for me. While I can get it zipped up and closed, it looks awful. I wouldn't suggest it for anyone over a 30" (76cm) waist. It is partially shirred in the back so it can go smaller, and has waist ties.

I would love to trade this for the same skirt in size 2, preferably the same colors as well though i wouldn't mind the pink x black one. Alternatively may be interested in trading it for other bodyline skirts in size 2L (or partial trades for a JSK, granted it will fit a 32" waist comfortably).
Tags: !ds, !dt, bodyline, color:pink, color:red, item:skirt

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