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DA!/DS! Angelic Pretty Frill Marine in Sax; DS! AP Knight Necklace, AP Hoodie, Swimmer Shoes, etc.

*PMs okay.
*Paypal addresses will be screened.
*Comments not relating to sales will be screened.
*It may take me up to 24 hours to respond to comments and PMs!



OP Proof, Hair Bows

Information: I am the second owner of this dress + hairbow set and have worn it twice myself. I have machine washed it on the delicate cycle and couldn't find any stains or marks after inspecting it for a few minutes.

Hellolace Page: 88cm length, 91cm bust, 70cm waist, 15.5cm sleeve length, 28cm cuff

Starting Price: $155 USD
BIN Price: $210 USD
Current Bid: ____
*Please bid in increments of at least $5.
*Paypal fees are already included, but shipping is not.

Tracked shipping within US will be an additional: $11
Tracked shipping outside US will be an additional: $44
Untracked shipping outside US will be an additional: $40 (this amount is a deposit. The amount that it goes under will be refunded)

Auction End Date: Thursday, 12/15/11 at 10:00PM PST
*No PM bids within last hour of auction.

I will contact the winner within 24 hours of the sale ending. Please contact me before bidding if you will not be able to pay within 48 hours of invoicing; otherwise, I will go to the next highest bidder.

I'm happy to answer any questions!



*To purchase, please leave your paypal address and shipping location.
*Please inquire for international shipping estimates (rates have recently increased).
*Priority to the first person that sends their paypal and is ready to be invoiced.
*I reserve the right to not sell to buyers based on feedback.

AP Fancy Melody Jacket
$110, $85 + $11 shipping within USA

Pocket Detail, Sleeve Detail, With Hood, Music Note Detail
Notes: This was purchased new from Angelic Pretty and has been worn lightly 3-4 times and was dry cleaned. It is in like new condition.

Chess Chocolate Knight Necklace
$69 $56 + $5.20 shipping within US
+$13 international (please let me know the country and I will confirm this)

AP webstore, Stock Photo, Detail, Image of Back
*Purchased directly through AP-jp in two colors, so I am selling the GOLD one.
*It is really detailed, made of an all metal alloy and has a hollowed core. This would match well with Chess Chocolate, Holy Knight, Twinkle Carnival, as well as with non-AP prints.
Measurements: 5.2 cm/2.0" tall

Swimmer Shoes - 23.0cm (small size)
$35, $10 + $11 shipping within USA

Notes: Purchased new from Swimmer, have never been used.

Offbrand Jacket - Size S
$35, $20 + $8 shipping within USA

Coordinated, Back
Notes: Bought new (for $70), worn once. This jacket is a size small, but fits very snugly on me. My bust is 33" and waist is 25", so I wouldn't recommend this jacket for anyone bigger than me.

AATP Tassel Shoes - Brown, Size M
$60 + $11 shipping within USA *Repost after 30 days*

Damage to Front Wood, Damage on Straps
AATP webstore link, Worn (boy-style), worn (aristo), Worn (lolita)
*Measurements: 23.0~23.5cm; Heel:5.5cm(2.16inch)
*There is damage to the wood part of the shoes. I punched two holes with a leather hole-punching tool to make it fit a smaller ankle (see picture). The price reflects the damage, so please look at the pictures provided!
*Originally retailed for 16,590 JPY

Thank you for looking and please feel free to send me questions!
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