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SS! AP chess chocolate resercation at 16th (store reservation)

Chess chocolate reservation

No restriction for spots

Chess chocolate series is going to re-release !!
The reservation is going to start at 16th to 18th.
I am going to go to the AP store at 16th.

In this time, there is no restriction for purchase like a previpus C.C reservation.
You can reserve just a headbow or socks if you didn't reserve main piece(OP or JSK)
Also I can reserve same style in same colorway for everyone!
For example I can reseve  5 bustier style JSK in brown in this time!!

Here is the information

    Ivory/ Pink/ Mint/ Brown
 OP: 27090 yen
 Bustier JSK :24990yen
 Jabot JSK : 26040 yen
 Low waist JSK:22890 yen
 SK: 16590 yen
 headbow:3465 yen
 Half bonnet :8295 yen
 OTKs :2310 yen

My SS datails are here
and my feedback
and my DS post

-JPY only
-Paypal only
-You must to pay within 48 hours.
-I will NOT invoice you a deposit for AP reservation, I will invoice you after I received items,
so please prepare the total money until 23 rd.
- My SS fee is item price +15%(for AP reservation) +train fare 

These reserations are never 100% garanteed,because of crazy order.
-The shop don't accept the cancellation of the reservation with any reasons.
-You should not post , if you did not ready to pay.
-I can't inform you your international shipping until I received your items, because it is depend's on the weight.
-They will be in stock at 23rd, so I will invoice you around 23 rd.
 And I will ship you until 29th if you could pay your invoice immediately!!
 I will inform you your shipping once I received your reservation items,
 so please pay your invoice asap.
 I can't ship you your parcel from 30th to Janualy 5th. because I am not at home then for holiday.

Please use the form when you decied to use my SS for this reservation.
Also you can pm me if you have a question, but P
lease post here if you decided to reserve this series.

The deadline of the reservation spots are  5:00 am at 16th (Japan time)

Reservation form
PP address:
Your location:
Item name or color:

Thank you for looking!!^-^

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