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DA: AP Rose Toilette

* Prices in USD (United States Dollars)
* Shipping not included in price (unless stated) and is as follows:

USA $15 / International $30
* Tracking Included (will add insurance if requested)
* All sales are final (no refunds or exchanges)
* Paypal only (no e-checks)
*To avoid Paypal fee please send money as a personal gift, otherwise pay the 5% fee
* Payment plans and holds are accepted if discussed before end of auction with 20% down payment

Angelic Pretty Rose Toilette OP

Proof Pic
Back Sheering
Bust 90cm / Waist 70cm / Length 93cm / Sleeve Cuff 28cm

Personal Dress Info
- I am the second owner
- Dress comes with detachable waist ties
- Charms on front waist bow have been taken off but will be included with dress, an easy fix with a good pair of pliers
- Last 2 spans of sheering on the back has been removed by previous owner (see back sheering pic)
- Right tail of chest ribbon has detached from the dress, an easy fix with a needle and thread

Auction Info
Auction Ends: December 26th (12/26/20011) @ 7:30pm EST USA (current time)
Starting Bid: $280
Current Bid:  $  -
BIN: $380

***Please bid in increments of $5 and $10***
Tags: !da, angelic pretty, color:pink, item:onepiece
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