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DS: Kera MANIAX Vol. 12

Hello there, I'm selling something awesome!

Ask for a link for the shipping guidelines, it's extremely important to read them!

And for everyone's convenience, please use this order form format:

What I'm interested in:
Zip Code (for US residents)/Country (for International residents):

And the email I need is an email I can send a email to so I can give you an invoice for your records!

Now onto the actual items on sale!:

IMPORTANT NOTE: These magazines are so big and/or heavy, so keep that in mind! They are eligible for Media Mail option if you live in the United States. However, if you want it shipped to an international address and you want more than two KERA magazines, you have to get regular international Priority Mail and those prices are really, really insane.

For the meanwhile, the only International places I'm willing to ship are Canada and Mexico because shipping is much cheaper. However if you're okay with spending $14 in shipping fees at the very least if you're outside of the US, Canada and Mexico, you can buy anything on here.

KERA Maniax:

KERA releases a special collectible magazine once every 8-12 months called KERA Maniax which is filled to the brim of punk, gothic and lolita clothing. A must have for fans of this style and KERA Magazine.

KM12. Kera MANIAX Vol. 12
Condition: Very Fine (tiny tears on a few pages and a small groove on the top right corner from mail handling)
Price: $14 USD

I have an EGL Feedback Page, if you're a past customer of mine, I would greatly appreciate if you leave feedback there! If you want more feedback, please ask and I'll link it to you.
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