OntTheWindsWing (onthewindswing) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DS Bittersweet Teady Bear Balloons Bodyline OP

!DS Teddy Bear Op. Bittersweet (Bodyline)
Hello!! ^o^ This is my first time posting to EGL Sales!!! ~.~
-No smoking home
-No pets are allowed inside the house
-All Prices in USD
-If you comment then do not respond for a week I will give it to the next person in line
-Prices do not include Paypal fees
-Shipping from Texas
-Richardson, Texas
-Open to trade but I must approve it and I may turn down the item and take the first to leave their email
-First to leave their email and pay gets the item except for when there is a trade offer
-I'm not responsible for lost or damaged packages.
(First sale)
Teddy Bear Op. Bittersweet (Bodyline)


(Bodyline's photo)

59 USD+ Shipping
Worn once (for this picture)
Perfect condition
Im just not a bitter sweet person. :b

Thank you for looking!! ^o^

Tags: !ds, bodyline, color:black, item:onepiece, offbrand
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