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DS: handmade unique jewellery

I ship from Finland
- all prices are in EURO
- the prices do not include shipping costs
- I accept Paypal as payment method
- my feedback can be found here

Alice's marshmallow party necklace
Alice in wonderland -themed teaparty necklace featuring pastel teapots pouring pearl-tea into the pastel teacups! There are pink pearls on the chain. This necklace is available in pink x mint, mint x pink and pink x yellow. There is only one piece of every colorway!
pink x mint
extra pic:

mint x pink
extra pic:
pink x yellow
extra pic:
Price: 16e each
Alice's marshmallow party ring
(when used:
Cute ring that matches the necklace from the series. This ring has a playing cards theme and the rings are in same pastel shades as the necklaces. There are two colorways; mint (on the right) and pink (on the left). There are two pieces of each colorway available.
Price: 7,50e each
Candied star ring
Candy-like star ring that has two pink rhinestones and a sweet lollipop at the center. Only one available.
Price: 5e
Rose Cameo necklace
Beautiful piece for classic lolitas and for everyone who loves roses! There is a silver rose pendant at the center and dark red roses surround it. At the top there is an Innocent World -inspired black bow. Only one piece available!
Price: 21e

Every piece of jewellery is made by hand without molds, so every one of them is unique! ^_^

Thank you for looking and have a wonderful day!

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