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GO ~ GEO circle lens group order (CLOSES Friday, Dec. 23th)

These contact lenses are soft lenses made in Korea, and have a power range from plano to -10.00 degree.
*Plano ~ -6.00D (-0.25 step)

*-6.00 ~ -10.00D (-0.50 step) 

Each lens will last a year after opened, 3 years on shelf, and they are 14mm in diameter except for the "X" lenses (super size), they are 14.8mm. All lens pair come with a FREE lens case!

Some of the lenses are only availible in plano, which are listed below:
CH621, CH623, CM721-5, BS202, CC304, HC104, HC105, YH301-6, CH932, OL101-2, IM703, IM705, and ALL ANIMATION LENSES.
XCH621-3, XCM211-3, and all 14.8mm/ 15mm (Super Size) lenses.

Here is my GO feedback (+7):

And EGL feedback:

If you would like to order, please choose your lenses from the GEO official website: , and fill this form out and send it to me as a PM:

Paypal address:
Insurance: Yes/ No


Circle lenses- $15/ pair
Color/ Trend lenses- $17/ pair (this also includes the Super Size lens!)

Animation/ Crazy lenses- $19/ pair
Image Color lenses- $17/ pair
Trend lenses- $19/pair


5% off orders of 5~9 pair
10% off orders of 10 pair
20 % off orders of 20 or more!


Shipping to the US/ Canada (which includes Delivery Confirmation within the US) will be $2.10 for one pair,  two~three pair is $3.50, four pair and up is $4.95 (upgraded from First class shipping to priority). Insurance is an extra $1.75. International please inquire.

I do not know the exact date of when you will receive your lenses, once I place the order with GEO it takes them about 10-14 days before I receive the package and then I ship them out. If you live within the US it usually takes 2-5 days (depending on where you are) to get them from me.


CH-625 (on brown eyes)

CM-831 (on brown eyes)

XCM-211 (on brown eyes)

XCH-627 (on brown eyes)

CH-624 (on brown eyes)

XCM-211 (flipped backwards on brown eyes)

Paypal Fee: you will have to pay a paypal fee (4%), unless you will send your payment via personal transfer which will not charge you if you are using an existing balance, and charges VERY little if you pay from your bank or credit (usually $.40~ $.60)

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