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DS: 7 pairs of Brand and Offbrand socks

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* Prices are in Euro.
* Tell me your location and I will calculate the shipping.
* I accept Paypal or bank transfer for EU buyers.
* Items will be shipped one day after payment is received!
* All sales are final, no refunds.

1) Angelic Pretty Chandelier OTK sax blue - 18 euro shipped

2) Metamorphose LP rose imprint - 18 euro shipped

3) Angelic Pretty polkadot OTK pinkxblue - 15 euro shipped

4) BTSSB pastel yellow polkadot - 15 euro shipped

5) Angelic Pretty red polkadot - 10 euro shipped

6) BTSSB strawberries - 10 euro shipped

7) Offbrand OTK redxwhite stripes - 5 euro shipped

General condition of items:
All socks were bought second hand with the exception of Meta's LP ones. Used them once or twice. All of them are in extreme good condition with the exception of the red polkadot AP socks and the BTSSB strawberries - that show signs of wear as darkened white parts and lint.

If you need more details, just ask!
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, metamorphose

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