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DS : The Snow Field Velvet Ribbon headbows in 4 colors in 2 ways! cozy winter bloomers, petticoat

My feedback :
Shipping from GA, USA
I have 4 cats. I try to remove every single fur before I ship but I can't help some furs keep attach.. >_<

Give paypal address first has priority :)

I do combine shipping

Velvet headbow type 1
4 colors are available  - Wine, Navy, Red, Black
25usd for each, shipping is 4 for inside US, 5usd for everywhere
more information and pictures :

Velvet Ribbon headbow with wire - type 2
wire in side the bow, you can adjust ribbon shape whatever you want,
Colors are available in 4 colors - Red, Wine, Navy and black
28usd + shipping 5 for US, 7usd for everywhere else

All drawers are fully serged, elastic bands are coverd with cotton fabric.
Very comfortable and warm in winter times!

Pink dot cozy flannel fabric with pink cotton lace - 25usd + shipping 5 for everywhere
Waist 22~34inch
Hip up to 42inch
Length : 14inch

Pink gingham cozy flannel fabric with white cotton lace - 25usd + shipping 5 for everywhere
Waist 22~34inch
Hip up to 42 inch
Length 14inch

Basic white cozy flannel drawers - 25usd + shipping 5 for everywhere
Waist 26~34inch
Hip up to 42inch
Length  18.5inch

Custom size, color, length, fabric drawers are also available, please PM me

(worn picture looks little wired but it is really good petticoat, never worn, brand new)
puffy black petticoat - 30 + shipping 8 in us, 10usd for everywhere else
soft organza petticoat gives you lots of puffiness!!

Wristcuff in a variety colors are also on sale  please visit older sales post

Jane maple cape coat, Meta vintage poodle, IW sax OP are on sale
Tags: !ds, color:black, color:blue, color:pink, color:red, color:white, indie brand, item:hair accessory, item:innerwear, item:outerwear
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