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DS: Meta

1) Shipping is included in the price so long as you are located in the US of A!  Apologies to foreigners, I'll have to go with USA shoppers only for now.
2) Shipping includes insurance
3) First to leave paypal and is SURE to buy it receives item.  Once paypal is left I will hide your comment for your safety.  No holds, sorry
4) Items will be shipped out Tuesday, I will post a reply when they are shipped. 
5) I live in an apartment with cats and a rabbit.  So for those with allergies, I apologize.
6) My feedback can be found here: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/715561.html 

Metamorphose Winter Lucky Pack 2010 Moonlight Skirt
As much as I don't want to get rid of it, I think I should.  I've only worn it once in my ownership.  It's a beautiful skirt and certainly deserves to be worn!  I just can't figure out any coords for it :(
Sizes: I'd say it could stretch up to 38 inches on the waist.
Price: SOLD

Metamorphose Black Sheer Blouse
Size: 28 inch bust
Price: 100 USD

Bodyline Fruits Parlor Knock-Off
This dress was slightly modified to make the waist a bit larger.  I bought it, realized it was too big to ever fit me, and put it in my closet.  :(
Size: 27 inch waist.
Price: SOLD!

Sugary Carnival Replica Headbow
I'm not a fan of headbows, and this came with my sugary carnival replica...
Price: SOLD
Tags: !ds, !dt, bodyline, color:black, item:blouse, item:skirt, metamorphose
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